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A Burger Stand Owner in China Found a Clever Way to Market His Food to Women


We should never underestimate the selling power of a naked body.

A Chinese fast-food stall owner saw the potential buying power of his female customers and decided to exploit that by hiring a buff male model to flip burgers.

Food-stall owner Wang Meng in Shenyang, China, found a way to boost his sales at a night market by hiring John, a model/student in China whose bulging muscles are being exploited to Chinese women who love to order food from him. He doesn’t speak much Chinese and he wasn’t even hired to be a cook, but he sure is good at working the grill without a shirt.

Wang Meng’s burger stand is booming now, which of course brings on the haters. Nearby food-stalls have complained about the new shirtless cook, calling it “distasteful.” Wang’s response? He’s just trying to keep cool while working the grill all night.

Because of his success, food stalls may now be adopting the “hot chef” strategy to increase their sales- that is until the health department doesn’t come in to make him put on a shirt.




Source: RocketNews24

Originally written by Sarah Lesnar for NextShark


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