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Watch These High-Profile Chefs Compete To Create The Most ‘Instagram-Worthy’ Burger

If you’re gonna go out and make what you deem to be an Instagram-worthy burger, you’ve gotta make sure you come correct. The burger needs a ton of oozing, melty cheese, an epic, mouth watering cross-section, and something outlandish that nobody’s seen before. That’s sure to rack up the likes and get all kinds of people sliding into your DMs.

Alvin Cailan, the Eggslut breakfast creator and legend, decided to give his shot at making a burger creation built for the ‘Gram. In his new First We Feast show, The Burger Show, Cailan squared off against Top Chef alum Ilan Hall to see who could make the better Instagram-worthy burger.

instagram-worthy burger

Cailan created “The Baseball Burger,” a cheese-stuffed sphere of meat enrobed with onions to look like it could strike out Barry Bonds. It had two grilled cheese buns and a knife stabbed through the middle to give it that wow factor.

In contrast, Hall went for a Banh Mi Poutine Burger, mashing up iconic items from Canada, Vietnam, and the United States under one bun. Clearly the more chef’d up take between the two burgers.

The burgers were then put to the test by a pantheon of judges: celebrity chef Matty Matheson, First We Feast’s Sean Evans, and radio personality Miss Info. After deliberating on flavor, presentation, and Instagram-worthiness, the three agreed that Cailan’s Baseball Burger was better suited for our social media feeds.

As much as I’d be down with Hall’s epic burger fusion, I gotta agree with the judges on this one. That knife was the literal dagger that sealed Cailan’s win as to which burger was more Instagram-worthy.