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$11 Gets You All-You-Can-Eat Whoppers in Japan

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Burger King Japan is where it’s at. The international fast food giant is offering customers all-you-can-eat Whoppers for the small price of 1,200 Yen, or $11 USD. Before you drift off into a dreamland of endless burgers at a sweet price, there’s a catch.

But, customers aren’t necessarily having it their way. To qualify for the gluttonous deal customers first have to consumer a “Challenge Set”: two Whoppers, a medium fry, and a medium drink. Seriously, that’s child’s play for us in the states. Not sure it’s something we should be proud of, but hey, ‘Murica.

Once a customer finishes their Challenge Set, they can get to work on nomming on all the Whoppers they could ever want, yes, there’s a second catch, they only get a half hour to scarf down their precious burgers. Oh, yeah, there’s a third little disclaimer, this deal only applies to the straight up O.G. Whopper, none of those fancy versions that have been in the news lately. If you happen to find yourself in Japan this month, this AYCE deal runs from November 4-13.

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Burger King Japan Does All-You-Can-Eat Burgers & Fries


An all-you-can-eat Burger King sounds like dangerous fast-food insanity. (Un)Fortunately, Burger King Japan seems to think that unlimited burgers and fries are just the thing to celebrate their fifth year return (all BKs in Japan were closed in 2001, then reopened in 2007).

The special burger buffet will, thankfully, be offered for only a limited time.  Anyone ordering a black burger meal deal between November 17 and 21, from 2 pm to 11 pm will be invited to gorge on endless burgers, plus fries or onion rings for 30 minutes.

However, beware: The 30-minute ticker starts right after you pay and receive your receipt for the black burger, meaning you have to finish that before you can start your endless nomzfest. Also, you’ve got to finish everything — no leftovers here, and bring every single empty wrapper up to the register in order to redeem your all-you-can-eat special. If they catch you trying to cheat, such as sharing your free meals with your pals, you’ll have to cough up money to pay for all the food.

Think about that before ordering stacksonstacksonstacks of burgers.

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Burger King Japan Will Put 15 Bacon Strips on a Burger For You, on the Cheap

Looks like Burger King is taking bacon hype worldwide. Just last week we broke news about a bacon sundae being tested out at a location in Nashville, TN, and this week they are pouring 15 strips of bacon on a burger, if you want it.

Burger King Japan just released a campaign that allows you to add mad amounts of bacon for a measly 110 yen ($1.24 in current exchange rates). According to the poster work for the new campaign, the optional 15 strips of bacon you can add equals “500% UP!!” from the traditional amount of bacon.

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Burger King Japan Launches a Pizza-sized Burger

What is it with Japan’s branch of Burger King and these over-sized burgers? Remember the Meat Monster, the super-sized Whopper that adds two slices of cheese, three strips of bacon, and a second 3.3-oz beef patty alongside a Tendergrill Chicken patty? Yeah, this new “Pizza-size Burger” aims to supersede the ridiculousness of the aforementioned product.

These new oversized burgers measure 8.8 inches in diameter, feature a special extra wide bun and are available in two varieties: Fresh Avocado and Nacho Cheese. The Fresh Avocado version features just that, fresh avocado, while the Nacho Cheese version slips in tortilla chips, cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers. Both the featured ingredients apparently only come on half the burger, leaving the other half with the furnishings of a standard Whopper (ketchup, tomatoes, pickles and onions).

The price on this badboy? $22. Break out the piggy bank friends.




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Burger King Japan Reveals Mini Spam Burgers

It seems Burger King Japan doesn’t know whether they want to go big..or…well, small. While the month of April saw the release of their 1,100 calorie Meat Monster, the chain is going the other direction with their BK Bites. The 2.4-inch mini sandwich line incudes one that utilizes Spam as the product’s significant protein.

According to a BurgerBusiness translation of the official Burger King Japan website’s Japanese press release on the matter, the BK Bites will come in varied meat pairings, including Beef & Chicken, or Spam & BLT, and “Beef & Chicken with Lemon and Basil Salt“.

The prices for the BK Bites are priced at ¥360 ($4.50), with the Spam pair carrying a lower suggest price at ¥330 ($4.11).

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Burger King Launches a “Meat Monster Whopper” That Uses Beef, Pork and Chicken

Burger King Japan is introducing a new Whopper being branded as the Meat Monster. The sandwich starts with a basic Whopper, two cheese slices, three strips of bacon, a second 3.3-oz. beef patty and a Tendergrill Chicken patty. With all those listed additions, the sandwich will run you ¥820 ($9.70). If you had it your way, would your Whopper look like this?  [BurgerBusiness]