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Your Burger Emoji Is Stacked Wrong And You Probably Never Noticed

If you’ve never taken a good luck at the burger emoji on your phone, there’s a good chance that the order of ingredients are totally wrong. From Apple to Google, and even Samsung, no one seems to agree on how the burger should be stacked.

Over the weekend, Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged that there may be a problem with its burger emoji, as it appears to show the cheese below the beef patty, which is clearly wrong.

Pichai responded to the outcry from Twitter user Thomas Baekdal, saying, “Will drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday if folks can agree on the correct way to do this.”

While Apple’s burger emoji seems to get the cheese placement right, it’s questionable why they’d place the lettuce below the meat. Samsung’s might be the most baffling, as it puts its cheese over the lettuce, which doesn’t make sense by any stretch.

Perhaps the most accurate burger depiction comes from Microsoft’s emoji, which goes lettuce, tomato, cheese, and meat between its buns.

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In comparison to some real life burgers, McDonald’s does tend to put cheese under the meat patty, but it usually has an additional cheese slice on top as well.

Interestingly enough, In-N-Out goes veggies at the bottom, with lettuce and tomato under the meat.

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Maybe there’s no “wrong” way to stack a burger, but I think we can all agree Samsung’s cheese over lettuce is a little suspicious. Either way, it’s interesting to see that every emoji has its own way of burger stacking. We’ll have to see how Google actually responds.