The ‘Burgini’ is a Panini and Cheeseburger Hybrid, Duh

stefanos burgini burger panini burg-ini

You can’t walk a block on the Internet without seeing a Waffle Taco, a Milky Bun (Ice Cream Donut) or Cookie Cinnamon Rolls. Food mashups have become so ubiquitous with food news that when I heard a restaurant in my California hometown of Yorba Linda was offering a burger panini hybrid called the Burgini, you can imagine I was less-than-impressed. That is until I tasted it.

The Burgini aka BUR-GINI comes with a ground kobe burger, roasted garlic & jalapeño cream cheese, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, onions and cheddar cheese – all atop a traditional grilled panini baguette. The menu item is available at Stefano’s Golden Baked Hams for $10.25 and has apparently been right under our noses near the FOODBEAST HQ for almost an entire year. At least we found it before you did.

Stefano’s Golden Baked Hams

18220 Yorba Linda Blvd.

Yorba Linda, CA 92886