Man Swarmed by Herd of Bunnies as he Feeds Them, Horrifically Adorable [VIDEO]


In what’s half the internet’s biggest dream and the other half’s worst nightmare, a Japanese man was smothered by rabbits in an attempt to feed the fluffy woodland critters. While one or two might be the norm for most folks, it should be noted that the man did set foot on Japan’s infamous island of rabbits, a place notoriously populated by scores of long-eared fur balls.

YouTube channel My BB Bunny specializes in anything and everything bunny related. The channel showcases the most adorable baby rabbits on the internet. Recently, they began to produce a series on Okunoshima Isaland, which is also goes by the nom de plume “Rabbit Island.” Perhaps they bit off more than they could chew.

Watch as a man, presumably part of the crew, attempts to feed the rabbits. He is immediately engulfed in furry cuteness.

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Rabbit Cafes in Japan Let You Drink Coffee and Snuggle Bunnies


Aimed at the discerning rabbit devotee, Japanese rabbit cafes offer their customers the opportunity to play with actual rabbits. While some cafes keep them in cages and allow patrons to cuddle up after finishing their meals, other’s will let you snuggle up to a furry friend while you sip on your latte. There are even establishments that let patrons adopt these cute creatures.

Take for example, Ra.a.g.f (meaning “rabbit and grow fat”) — a café that opened up in the fashionable Jiyugaoka area in 2012, with a breeding center attached to it where customers can buy their own bunnies for pets. Just think, you go into a café for a coffee and come out with a pet bunny.


The popularity of these pet cafés in Japan is attributed to many people being unable to have pets in their urban homes and the fact that pets provide relaxing companionship in what may otherwise be a stressful and lonesome urban life.


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Craving: Pink Velvet Bunny-Cake Pops

These little furry creatures taste just as good as they are cute! (Thx TIWYF)


Craving: Peeps

Easter may have passed but there is never a bad time for a Peep. The marshmallowy goodness dunked in sugar and then packed next to 5 more of his closest friends in a box just big enough for you to store your pog collection afterward. I wonder if PETA approves of these even though they are marshmallow. You do get to bite a bunny’s head off and I don’t think they back that.