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Houston’s Best Restaurants, According To Texas Rap Legend Bun B

“Houston is one of the most diverse food cities in America,” declared Houston rap legend Bun B during a recent appearance on an episode of Uproxx’s newest program, People’s Party with Talib Kweli. The show’s premise has another rap legend in his own right, Talib Kweli, sitting down and discussing hot button topics with other notables and superstars of their industries. And at the 40 minute mark of this episode, Bun B was asked about the best spots in H-Town to grab a good meal at. The answers came quick from The Trillest in the game, firing off recommendation after recommendation, enough to take note of for a proper food tour through Houston.

Burns Original BBQ

Photo: Peter Pham

“Barbecue is a big thing in Houston, so you definitely want to go to Burns Original BBQ. That’s like real hood barbecue.” When in Texas, barbecue is definitely the move. So if an OG from The H is telling you to go to Burns, then you obviously make that a priority.


Photo: Enoch Lai

“For seafood, most people are gonna want to go to Pappadeaux.” Bun B said this with the same confidence that he has when spitting a hot verse, so you know it’s real. “I mean, Papadeaux is my favorite,” chimed in host Talib Kweli. Two co-signs right there should say how much of a must-try Pappadeaux is.

Frenchy’s Chicken

Photo: Peter Pham

“Fried chicken — I would say go to Frenchy’s.” Say no more, Bun, I’ll be there. You had me at “fried chicken.”

The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation

Photo: Wally Gobetz

“Mexican food, you’re gonna wanna go to The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation.” Great recommendation since Ninfa’s is one of the first restaurants in Texas to popularize the Tex-Mex classic, fajitas.


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These New Exclusive Sneakers Are Perfect For The Sushi Obsessed

Rap legend Bun B is a man of many interests. From being a hip-hop legend and copping the freshest sneakers to his hometown of Houston and delicious food, he really does it all. So, it’s no surprise that he’s combined his loves for his latest collabo — sushi-inspired sneakers.

Bun and his partner Premium Pete, the creators of the food community, have teamed with Ewing Athletics to create the EWING 33 HI x YouGottaEatThis! (Sushi).

The shoes’ upper sports a salmon suede along with an embossed You Gotta Eat This logo tongue. The strap tab is inspired by wooden chopsticks while the green wasabi sock liner sits on a white rice inspired outsole.

The kicks, priced at $140, were launched in limited release this past Sunday (Dec. 2) at Houston’s Htown Sneaker Summit. Next month, the sneakers will be released via select stores or online at