These Shot Glasses Have Been Shot, And It’s Badass

A father and son duo from Wisconsin recently began creating shot glasses that really bring the name to life, thanks to the bullets lodged in each of them. These novelty items were initially created as gifts for friends and families, however the two began selling them on a much larger scale once people saw how freaking cool those things were.

The Shot Glass

Benshot, the name of the company, sells the shot glasses and tumblers with actual bullets embedded in them. While the duo has not revealed how exactly they do it, they do state that the glasses were actually shot with live bullets. The glasses come at a cost of $15 for the shot glass and $23 for the tumbler.

Presumably, they create the shot glasses out of molten glass and then shoot them shortly thereafter, allowing the bullet to push and stretch the glass without breaking the surface on the other end.

The Tumbler

Before you ask, these shot glasses are safe to use. The gunpowder and lead are cleaned out of them before being packaged and sold to interested parties. Washing the glasses could discolor the bullet over time, but if anything, it really just gives your shot glass character.

Looks like I found the perfect message-sending gift for my enemies.

Photo Credit: Benshot