These Chefs Show Us What Cooking Pokemon Would Look Like

The Pokemon GO craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and why would it? Everyone and their mothers are obsessed with this game.

That being said, there are also pockets of people here and there that straight up despise the game. Their reasoning for hating it varies greatly, from saying it’s childish to genuine concern for people’s safety. Either way, they’re not into it.

Whether these chefs fall under the former or the latter is hard to tell, but both sides can agree that this photo is hysterical regardless of your feelings on the game. Redditor shavot found this picture on a local restaurant’s Facebook page and, thankfully, shared it with the world. Not only do these chefs manage to cook all three starter pokemon (can you spot Bulbasaur?) including Pikachu, but they even take it a step further by cooking them in appropriate ways when considering their types. 

Love it or hate it, these chefs killed it. Or rather, them. And by them, I mean the smiling, innocent Pokemon.

Dinner’s ready!


Charmander over a flame and Squirtle going into a pot of boiling water are absolutely amazing, right up there with Pikachu getting his head chopped off and the row of Pokemon eggs waiting to be cracked and used. Even the Bulbasaur cameo is enough to warrant a hearty laugh. But the one that stood out to me the most, and is my favorite, is the complete decimation of Bellsprout. I think we all know that he’s going to end up as a garnish on some kid’s plate of chicken fingers.

Photo Credit: Reddit


BulbaS’more, I Choose You!


Recipe: Nerdist


Apparently, Pokemon Support Starbucks Sizing


Among the many things people find problematic with Starbucks, the corporation’s sizing terminology is chief among them. With a Starbucks Tall, Grande and Venti all conveying a sense of “largeness,” the illogical naming system has been both a genius marketing move and the bane of coffee connoisseurs.

Unfortunately, it seems as if a few artsy fartsy Starbucks patrons support the Starbucks lingo and made Pokémon the latest latte art. Gangnam coffee, move over! Here, Bulbasaur (one of the OG pokemons) illustrates the logic of Starbucks sizing via his 3 evolutionary stages — from Bulbasaur to Ivysaur to Venusaur.

See the Pokémon in full force below:


Via 9gag