Fiji Water Now Has Built-In Straw Bottle Caps, For Celebrities and Women


Because ain’t nobody got time to find a straw or reapply lipstick, “artesian” bottled water company Fiji debuted its new built-in straw bottle caps during New York Fashion week earlier this month.

Designed as a reusable, BPA free and dishwasher safe replacement for its usual blue caps, the new built-in straw caps will be targeted specifically toward women, to prevent their lipstick from smearing when they drink.

“What we started to see was a persistent use of straws, especially by some of our biggest fans who were singers and touchstone cultural icons,” David Bowman, the company’s VP of marketing, told the Wall Street Journal. Finally, the rich and fabulous can drink without fear of contaminating their precious artisanal l’eau with last season’s YSL – the horror!

For us plebes, however, the straws won’t be available until summer, where they can be purchased as 5-packs on the Fiji website and eventually at “higher-end” retailers like Target and Whole Foods.

H/T Design Taxi + PicThx WSJ