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Jell-O Just Launched DIY Edible Building Blocks For Kids

My mother always told me never to play with my food. Unfortunately, that’s something I never quite grew out of. Part of me knew that if I waited it out, playing with my meals would one day become socially acceptable. Well it seems that day has finally come.

Jell-O announced the debut of their first-ever line of edible toys.

Called Jell-O Play Build and Eat Kits, children can use plastic molds to create Jell-O building blocks that they can stack together and build pretty much anything with.

Also debuting are Jell-O Play Cutter Kits which lets kids cut out whimsical shapes from Jell-O molds and Jell-O edible stickers. Bring them all together and the sky’s the limit.

The new Jell-O toys are available for pre-order on Amazon and, and will be available nationwide this summer.

I have to wonder though, despite the age 4-12 recommendation, if I could build a Millennium Falcon with these blocks? Curious.


Meet the ‘Candroid’ – Moving R2-D2 made of Canned Foods

If you’ve never heard of the annual San Francisco Canstruction competition… well, actually, then you’re probably in the majority. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t missing out — because you are.

The event featured an actual moving R2-D2 “Candroid” made of tuna and corn. Pretty awesome, seeing as the last time we ever did something this cool with tuna and corn was… never.

The best part of this whole thing (aside from, you know, the charity portion where Canstruction donates all food used in the entered sculptures to local food banks) is that there were other entries, including a partially destroyed Death Star (stewed tomatoes, canned soup and tuna?)

You guys. Let’s overhaul that new Star Wars movie and make everything out of food.

H/T Incredible Things