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How Expensive Buffet Restaurants Trick You Into Thinking They’re A ‘Great Deal’


Any person heading to an expensive buffet restaurant thinking the higher-priced buffet meal is worth the money is probably just being duped into thinking so.  

A study suggests that all-you-can-eat restaurants may have been leading consumers to believe that they are getting better deals for food just because they are paying more.

Published in the Journal of Sensory Studies, the research conducted by Cornell Food and Brand Lab found that when customers are charged more for an all-you-can-eat buffet, they tend to rate the food higher than when charged less for the same food.

In the study, participants were divided into two groups, and made to pay a different price for the same buffet meals. The experiment revealed that the group who paid more expressed a higher satisfaction rate than those who paid less.

The findings highlighted that consumers generally tend to think that the quality of food is better just because restaurants charged a higher price, regardless of the food’s actual quality.


“People set their expectation of taste partially based on the price—and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I didn’t pay much it can’t be that good. Moreover, each slice is worse than the last. People really ended up regretting choosing the buffet when it was cheap,” said Cornell’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management  professor David Just, one of the study’s authors.

Some buffet restaurants also employ strategies to discourage customers from taking larger quantities of food, according to Dollars and Sense.  Diners do this by presenting dishes in smaller quantities. Not only does doing so increase the perceived value of the dish, but it also makes consumers take less and leave the rest for other patrons.

Such tactics, in addition to reduced expenses in food preparation and individual services, make for higher revenue for the restaurant if done right.

Of course there are those who are able to beat such systems by using a methodology of their own, as one dude from London who pushed the AYCE buffets to their limits.

Written by Ryan General | NextShark



What’s up friends! First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all. I love you Mom! Hope everyone is having a good day, and hopefully the Laker’s can pull it out in Utah today! Gotta shut down Carlos Boozer, who’s probably a Foodbeast at heart. Here’s Carlos eyeing some chicken. Right now the Lakers are down 33-42, so hopefully they fight back and get a win!

In anticipation of Lakers-Jazz Game 2, my roommates and I stepped out for some Japanese food to get our day started on the right foot. We chose one of our favorite spots in the area, “Sushiplantation.” It’s tucked away in Mission Viejo, at 28261 Marguerite Parkway. Instead of chirpin’ about it, I’ll let them tell you how they get down:


“We take pride in offering you the freshest and most exotic selections of fish available. Our fish is hand-selected EVERY DAY from the local market to ensure the highest quality selection for you to choose from. Come join us in a friendly and warm atmosphere and experience our one-of-a-kind specialty rolls.”

I gotta say, Sushiplantation speaks truth. We’ve frequented this place several times, and each time we had an awesome sushi experience. It’s a very small place, with 8 tables and a bar at most. Service is great and the atmosphere is first class. No matter where you sit, you’re close enough to personally deliver your next order to the sushi chef without raising your voice, and if that isn’t your style, the friendly waitresses cater to your needs. The walkways are tiny are the walls are covered with everything from street signs to collages of happy customers to old collectible cameras. It all makes for a very intimate and comfortable dining experience. Enough beastin’ about the environment though, let’s check out the food!


Sexy Girl: Shrimp tempura and jalapeno inside, wrapped with fresh mango on the outside and topped with sweet and spicy sauce; along with crunchy flakes, masago, and green onions. ($11.90)


Southbound to San Diego: Cream cheese and shrimp tempura inside, all deep fried then dressed with sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce. ($11.90)


This was called the “Don’t Ask Me How.” No joke, that’s what it said on the menu. Seriously, don’t ask me. I don’t have the slightest idea what it is or how it was made, maybe except for that the middle is green. And that it was crazy delicious. I laughed when I saw it, until I had a bite. Took me about two minutes to polish off the rest. It’s not on the regular menu, I saw it on the happy hour menu and my stomach is happy I did. Try ordering that anywhere else! ($7.00)


Sunrise on Avery Parkway: Spicy shrimp and crab with avocado inside, wrapped with tuna on the outside, topped with chef’s special sauce. ($11.90)

A masterpiece, in a my humble Foodbeast opinion.


If those delectable pictures didn’t getcha, then the fact that water is served in buckets will. Me and Mang sure bought into it. Makes you feel like a ninja.

Happy Hour is Monday-Saturday from 2:30-5:00. They have a handful of rolls that are only $7.00, and all beer and hot sake is 1/2 price! Eat great, get lazy, and save money?

Sushiplantation is Nice.

Until next time friends, keep loving and keep eating.