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Orange Chicken Wings Are The Latest Hype Flavor From Buffalo Wild Wings

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings just debuted a variety of new wing sauce flavors for the fall season. The most intriguing of those is one ubiquitous with American Chinese food: Orange Chicken.

Buffalo’s take on Orange Chicken Wings is available bone-in or boneless, and features a sweet glaze with flavors of citrus, soy, and cayenne. As a gimmicky nod to where the flavor comes from, each order of the wings comes with a custom fortune cookie on the side.

The other flavors Buffalo Wild Wings is adding include Pizza, Lemon Pepper, and Carolina Reaper, which features one of the spiciest chili peppers on the planet.

Pizza Wings are the only limited-time flavor of the bunch, as the rest, including the Orange Chicken Wings, will be permanent additions to the menu. The pizza flavor doesn’t actually use pizza sauce, as it takes Garlic Parmesan wings and adds on tomato and basil powders to give that familiar flavor.

Buffalo Wild Wings has also added a new cauliflower wings option that can be tossed in any of its sauce flavors, for those looking for a plant-based alternative to wings on the menu.

All of these options are now available nationwide.


B-Dubs Finally Brings Back ‘Wing Tuesday,’ Permanently

Buffalo Wild Wings is returning “to its roots” and bringing back its greatly missed “Wing Tuesday” deals.

Half-Off Tuesdays became part of Buffalo Wild Wings’ identity. Up until 2017, fans could post up with a couple of friends, catch a random Tuesday ballgame and eat wings for about $0.50 to $0.60 per wing.

In 2017, Buffalo Wild Wings phased out its wing deals, instead offering nationwide deals on “Shareables,” and directing the focus away from its longtime wing specials.

They’re back now, in the form of a BOGO deal, meaning when you buy one order of their traditional wings, you can get a second order free. They’ve even boldly stated that the deal will be permanent this time.

However, wing order sizes aren’t specifically outlined, probably to give the restaurant some wiggle room as far as the number of wing pieces that they consider an “order.”

When B-Dubs did away with its traditional Tuesday wing specials, it was traced to both dropping sales reports, and a 2017 wing shortage which led wing wholesalers to raise prices by at least 20%. Wing restaurants were then forced to adjust as best they could.

Notably, both Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop paused their traditional wing specials around then and instead pushed their “boneless” wings, which kind of masked the traditional wing issue for them.

Thankfully, life has been restored to balance, and it seems that we can enjoy our traditional wing deals, yet again.

While it’s not the same as BWW’s past deals, you have to be excited that there’s an excuse to eat wings on Tuesdays again. Forever.


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Game Of Thrones Wings Are Coming To Buffalo Wild Wings For One Day Only

Buffalo Wild Wings is throwing their hat into the Game of Thrones collab ring with ghost pepper-sauced wings.

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo’s contribution is called “Dragon Fire” wings, and they are an exclusive, limited-time option that will only be available on Sunday, April 14. That’s the same day the final season of Game of Thrones premieres.

The Dragon Fire wings are coated in a soy-ginger glaze that’s imbued with ghost chilies for an added boost of heat. That spice gets even more intense with a fresh jalapeno garnish.

Buffalo Wild Wings will have these available in-store, via online order, or through Doordash, so you’re not limited to just picking up these wings in a restaurant. It also makes them a thematic option to get delivered when the first episode drops.

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America Gets Free Wings If The Super Bowl Goes Into OT

Both the Rams and Patriots went to overtime in their respective roads to Super Bowl LIII, and Buffalo Wild Wings is putting some high stakes on the line if it happens again.

If the Super Bowl game between Los Angeles and New England goes into overtime, B-Dubs will give away free “snack size” wings to all its hungry consumers in the U.S.

The “snack size” at Buffalo Wild Wings usually comes with five wings (eight if boneless), and there is a limit of one order per person.

The only catch is that you have to redeem your free wings between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. (local time), February 18. If you try to go before or after those times, you’re out of luck.

While no purchase is necessary, there’s a good chance the lines will be out the door, as is customary for any food giveaway, anywhere.

The odds are against us, though, as only one Super Bowl has ever gone into over time, and that was in 2017, when the patriots and Falcons needed extra time to settle their battle.

There were, however,  17 overtime games this season. It wasn’t the record for most, that belongs to the 2002 season with 25, but it was a hell of a lot, giving us hope for free wings if the Rams and Patriots can have an epic overtime showdown on February 3, 2019.


Buffalo Wild Wings Adds Their Wings To The Pumpkin Spice Bandwagon

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything topped with the spice powder that dominates the fall, Buffalo Wild Wings jumped into the mix with pumpkin spiced wings.

B-Dub’s newest wings are made with a BBQ pumpkin ale sauce, as nothing says fall quite like watching football and jack-o-lantern flavored fingertips.

The sauce is a combination of ale, BBQ flavors, and pumpkin spice. The autumn staple has aromas that blend with the flavors of BBQ sauce, making for a festive combination of tastes smothering each wing.

Unfortunately, the wings will only be available through the end of October, which is a bummer, ’cause these would probably continue to be popular through the Thanksgiving season.


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After this we’ll be waiting for Buffalo Wild Wings’ inevitable gingerbread and eggnog-spiced wings.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Is Topping Their Wings Just Like Enchiladas

Enchiladas and wings often sit side-by-side on the gameday table, but Buffalo Wild Wings is combining the two for their newest wing flavor.

Their new Red Enchilada Wings are coated with a spicy red chili sauce akin to the sauce you’d find on top of enchiladas. Buffalo doesn’t stop there, though, as they let you get the wings fully loaded on top as well.

By asking for “The Whole Enchilada,” you’ll get the saucy wings with extra cheese, green onions sprinkled on top, plus some sour cream on the side to dip them in.

The accouterments do come with an additional surcharge, but when else can you say you’ve eaten a handheld enchilada in the form of a chicken wing?

You can find the Enchilada Wings on the menu through mid-November for a limited time item.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Will Top Your Wings With Gold During The Winter Olympics

Gold-dusted foods are usually only affordable to the bourgeois, but Buffalo Wild Wings is giving everyone an option to feel upper class this month with an offer of gold topped wings.

gold topped wings

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

Starting tomorrow, February 9th, guests can ask for some “bling” on their wings and get a generous golden topping sprinkled over the top. It comes at no extra charge, and can be applied to any flavor Buffalo’s got on the menu. The “gold” is the wing chain’s play at getting the crowds in to watch the Winter Olympics.

The sprinklings are actually just tasteless golden-colored sugar, so you’re not really getting the full ultra-rich treatment when you ask for the gold topped wings. However, you can still pretend like you’re all about that lavish life when you get the “gold dust,” and at the very least, it’ll add some flash to your Instagram feed.

This is Buffalo’s first big promo/limited-time offer after merging with Arby’s to former a new restaurant conglomerate. It’s definitely an intriguing one, but it would’ve been more dope, albeit less realistic, if there was actual edible gold on the wings.

You can ask for the golden topping on your wings through the entire Winter Olympics as long as you dine in.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Acquired By Arby’s For $2.9 Billion

Rumors have been circulating over the past few weeks that Roark Capital, who owns major fast food brands like Carl’s Jr. and Arby’s, was looking to add Buffalo Wild Wings into their arsenal. Those murmurings can now be put to rest, as the investment firm has officially acquired the sports bar icon.

buffalo wild wings acquired

Photo: Mike Mozart on Flickr

An initial offer was reportedly made at a value of $2.3 billion, or just over $150 per share according to CNBC. The final terms of the deal, however, elevated that price to $157 per share, or $2.44 billion, USA Today reports. Roark Capital will also assume Buffalo’s debt as part of the acquisition, bringing the final price to $2.9 billion, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

For Roark, the deal could not come at a better time. While Buffalo Wild Wings has been suffering from factors like a major chicken wing shortage, the price of America’s favorite bar food has dropped about 20%, meaning that the cost of the restaurant chain’s namesake is about to get a lot cheaper. Additionally, the chain’s boneless wings deals and delivery options have been bolstering it in an era where casual, sit-down dining is hurting.

With Buffalo Wild Wings acquired, Roark will be adding another 1,200 restaurants into its conglomerate food empire, bringing its total to 29,000 locations that bring in $27 billion across it’s vast list of owned brands. Bloomberg reports that the investment giant will slot BWW in as part of Roark-controlled Arby’s Restaurant Group. While Arby’s CEO Paul Brown will be in charge of the ubiquitous sports bar, the brand will remain independent from Arby’s.

Roark’s first task will likely be to improve on food and operations, a Bloomberg analyst claims, so you can definitely expect some culinary changes to come to Buffalo Wild Wings once the deal officially closes, which will likely happen early next year.