Off-Duty Cop Pulls Gun On Customer Over Mentos

YouTube video by OC Register

Having a gun pulled on you isn’t fun, especially after making a seemingly harmless purchase at a gas station.

That is what happened to customer Jose Arreola, though, as an off-duty officer pulled out his firearm, believing that Arreola tried stealing Mentos from the checkout counter of a Buena Park Chevron, Friday, May 4.

The surveillance footage obtained by NBC Los Angeles, showed the incident, as Arreola can be seen quickly grabbing the Mentos from the counter and putting in his pocket. In doing that, the officer probably believed Arreola was trying to pull a fast one on the gas station.

So, the only logical course of action was to pull out his gun, tell Arreola to put the Mentos back and scram.

Arreola can be heard explaining that he paid for the mints, and then the cashier confirmed that the transaction was made.

The officer then sheepishly apologized, as a terrified Arreola grabbed his change and walked out of the store.

Maybe the officer wanted to show that he actually was a cop, and if he didn’t have ID,  pulling out and cocking his gun was the best best thing.

The officer is being investigated, and thankfully not one got hurt over a $1 candy.