Bud Light Launches New Raz-Ber-Rita and Mang-O-Rita Flavors


Since its launch of Lime-A-Rita in 2012, Bud Light Lime has been churning out new Margarita-in-a-can flavors once a year. Flavors like Straw-Ber-Rita and Cran-Brr-Rita have all hit the grocery aisles. Looks like two new flavors are now being added to the Bud Light Lime family: Raz-Ber-Rita and Mag-O-Rita.

Brewed from a combination of barley malt, non-malted cereal grains and some light hopping before filtration, the drinks are then blended with Bud Light Lime and additional ingredients to make up the margarita flavor. Each can carries 8% alcohol per volume.

Raz-Ber-Rita and Mang-O-Rita are set to hit stores March 3. The beverages will be available in a 12-pack of 8-oz cans, four-pack of 16-oz cans and a 24-ounce individual can.


Cran-Brrr-Rita is Bud Light’s Latest Margarita in a Can


Bud Light’s Cran-Brr-Rita, a new cranberry-flavored beverage with a splash of lime, will be joining their margarita-in-a-can family. With the debut of flavors like Lime-A-Rita back in 2012 and Straw-Ber-Rita earlier this year, the cranberry-inspired beverage is yet another addition to Bud Light Lime.

The  Cran-Brr-Rita packs an 8% ABV and  is available as a 12-pack of both 8 oz. and 25 oz. single-serve cans. As with all holiday drinks, this limited-time item won’t be around past the holiday season.


Lime-A-Rita, Bud Light Puts Margarita Flavors in a Can

It’s not far fetched to find some beer drinkers already splashing their beers into their oversized margarita drinks, Bud Light Lime was bound to catch on and try to make it as easy as possible.

Introducing Lime-A-Rita, a product of Bud Light Lime that incorporate the flavor of an ‘authentic margarita with a refreshing splash of Bud Light Lime.’ The drink boasts an 8% ABV (6% ABV version is available in Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and Tennessee), and can be enjoyed right out of the can, or like the cocktail its derived from, can be served over ice.

The new drink is available in 12-packs of 8 oz. cans, 24-packs of 12 oz. shrink-wrapped bottles and single-serve 24 oz. cans.

Color me intrigued, you crafty folks at Annheuser Busch.

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