Toronto’s Infamous Foodie Serial Dater Releases Teaser Trailer


The world of blind dating took an interesting turn this week when Internet blogger Erin Wotherspoon, also known as the “Serial Dater,” was outed for meeting up unsuspecting guys and getting free meals out of them. The Canadian Foodie unsympathetically documents her dates on her blog as she is taken to restaurant after restaurant. Following the recent media coverage, Wotherspoon released a teaser trailer for her new project “Restaurant Tips From a Serial Dater.”

The video chronicles her (mis)adventures in the dating pool, luring unsuspecting singles to provide free ritzy food adventures in an attempt to cross restaurants off her hit bucket list. While the food world is in an uproar upon discovering Wotherspoon’s scheme, she seems to be capitalizing on her rise to infamy. It seems that even after becoming “Internet Famous,” Wotherspoon has no intentions of slowing down or laying low until this is over.

How long will it be before the next person she dates catches onto her strategy and calls it quits (or at the very least ask to go Dutch) on the meal?


Canadian Foodie Goes on Blind Dates to Score Free Food, Then Blogs About It


Good news, food-loving sociopaths. It turns out it’s completely possible to leverage your good looks and not-so-winning personality to nab yourself a free meal. Just take it from Erin Wotherspoon, the 24-year-old Toronto actress who’s been working her way down a 48-restaurant hit list simply by 1) pretending to be Jewish, 2) dating recent ex-pats, and 3) presumably, fake-laughing at all of her dates’ awful jokes.

Her tumblr’s called A Penniless Girl, Bad Dates & Plenty of Oysters, and judging by the archive, Wotherspoon’s been doing this since August — tricking guys into taking her to all her foodie bucket list restaurants and then never calling them again. It’s not all about man-killing though. As Wotherspoon writes, “This just in, sometimes women don’t have the best intentions. […] This girl is looking for love in her lobster roll, not your academic achievements…”


In other words, biddie’s just looking for a good meal.

The blog also features some dating highlights courtesy of a few of her more promising suitors, including one guy who admits he doesn’t know what she looks like, and another who calls himself “Mr. Wonderful.” You almost can’t blame her for not calling.



Unfortunately for her, not everyone sympathizes. The good citizens of Reddit have recently made Wotherspoon internet famous, calling her everything from “sociopathic” to “bigoted” to, nicely enough, worth the “$20.” Recent posts indicate she has no intention of stopping, however, and some even muse about her scoring “richer guys” now thanks to her newfound infamy.

What about you, loyal Foodbeasts? Is Wotherspoon’s work that of a heartless (albeit well-fed) sociopath, or is she actually kind of genius?

(Full disclosure: Goodness knows I wish I’d thought of it first.)


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