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This Wine Now Comes In Cans, So You Can Go Ahead And Put Your Pinky Down

There’s this general notion that sippin’ on wine is this bougie, high-class experience that can only be enjoyed out of an aged bottle into a fancy tall stemmed glass. Fuck that, right? What if you just want to drop all the formalities and sip casually, without all that “pinkies up” bullshit?

Underwood Wines in a Can from Oregon’s Union Wine Co. is telling you to put your pinkies down ’cause they believe that having wine doesn’t have to be associated with a pretentious undertone.

It’s exactly the same wine you would find in a larger, less portable bottle, so why not just can it? All puns intended.

Embodying the Union Wine Co’s philosophy of just crafting great wine without all the pretenses, they decided to pack in about half a bottle of wine into a single can… because you know, its nice to share (or not, if your plan is to get wine wasted on a Wednesday night watching Netflix).

Sold as four-packs or 24-pack flats equivalent to an entire case of wine, Union offers you five different body types to get behind: Rosé, Rosé Bubbles, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and the Bubbles.

If you’re the type to venture where other wines won’t go, Union’s got that wine t0-go.  While its only currently available on their website, your next tailgate or outdoor exploits will get an upgrade when these begin to hit shelves in Oregon, Southern California, Chicago, New York, D.C. (and more) early June 2017.


The Champagne Tree is the Closest We’ll Ever Get to a Money Tree


Inside London’s esteemed Saatchi Gallery, tucked away in the Duke of York Square, Tord Boontje and Perrier-Jouët launched their recent collaboration: The Enchanting Tree, featuring a tree with twisted branches curled into glass holders for champagne flutes, filled with Perrier-Jouet Champagne.

The inspiration behind the champagne tree was twofold: the changing of the seasons and what Dutch designer Boontje calls, “the champagne moment.” Nature, aesthetics, and the delight of alcohol all wrapped into one.

Wreathed in anemones, each of the twisting golden trees holds six champagne flutes that can be filled while suspended in the air, while a simple turn of the glass releases it from the metal branch. Although the champagne tree present at the launch will ultimately be housed in the Maison Belle Epoque, the VIP showpiece for Perriet-Jouët champagne house, the champagne service will be available at the high-end department store Selfridge’s and in some premium hotels.

Now, howabout we take things to the next level and make a beer tree? We bet it’ll be as glorious as it sounds.

H/T + PicThx Core77


Introducing Absolut Tune, the Sparkling Wine and Vodka Remix

There’s been plenty of crazy news coming out of New Zealand lately, and between Lord of the Rings-inspired legal tender and a new vodka-infused NZ Sauvignon Blanc, it may be hard to decide which is cooler (Hobbit coins, definitely Hobbit coins). But the official U.S. release of Absolut Tune is probably a close second.

Originally marketed only as a limited-edition product in Australia back in 2011, Absolut Tune celebrated its U.S. launch party last Tuesday in New York City, and is, essentially, just a fancy-looking bubbly liquor. But for 14% ABV and $31.99 per bottle, it could also be your new favorite companion for the wee hours of December 20th.

How’s that for seasonal fare?