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This Eggs Benedict Bacon Potato Pie Is The Remix Of Brunch That We All Deserve

Say it with me now. Slowly. Eggs… Benedict… Bacon… Potato… Pie. Sure it’s a mouthful to say, but the concept itself is enough to salivate over a mouthful of it.

If the vision’s still a little hazy, let me clear things up for you: Imagine layers of thinly sliced potatoes, melty American cheese, onions and sausage, all embraced in a cloak of bacon and baked. Then this otherworldly brunch pie is crowned with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce.

Concocted by the “Undisputed Breakfast Champ” and YouTube star Josh Elkin in partnership with Plan Check Kitchen + Bar, the Eggs Benedict Bacon Potato Pie is just one of the many crazy brunch items re-imagined by the duo for a ‘Brunch Remix’ menu that is stacked with brunch items that push the envelope on creativity.

Here’s the rundown of the full ‘Brunch Remix’ menu by Josh Elkin and Plan Check Kitchen + Bar:

Eggs Benedict Bacon Potato Pie
Eggs Benny Burger
Tex Mex Benedict Quesadilla
Oreo Cinnamon Cruller

This one of a kind brunch situation is only available Sunday, February 25 to Sunday, March 18, 2018 during regular business hours at all Plan Check locations in addition to brunch hours. So hop to it before you miss out on the official remix and end up settling for more of the same old brunch fare.


Attention: Goldfish Created a New French Toast Flavor


Brunch happens to be one of those pleasant weekend ideas that sound fantastic in our planners but downright inconsiderate the morning-of. We get it. It’s early. No one but over-achievers get up before noon come Saturday to Sunday. Luckily, Goldfish Grahams created a sugar-crusted, French toast-flavored version of their classic fish-shaped snacks. The next-best thing for those missing out on the brunch rush.

According to Brand Eating, the new offerings are available in 6.6 oz packages for $1.50 and smell like toasted Eggo waffles with cinnamon. Apparently, while they do bear a syrupy taste, the new treat fails to fully emulate French Toast’s eggy, buttery aroma.

Still, they do make for a sweet, crunchy nibble that just might pair well with a flute of mimosa.

Picthx BrandEating