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London Coffee Shop Makes Baristas Learn Bruce Lee’s Martial Arts To Make Them Better Workers


A London fast food chain is employing some of Bruce Lee’s martial arts inspiration to speed up the serving time of its drinks.

Some baristas of the coffee shop Leon have been sent to train in the martial art of Wing Chun in order to improve on their hand speed. The employees were sent on a six week intensive course in the martial art made famous by Bruce Lee.

John Vincent, Co-founder of Leon, initiated the project that had six baristas undergo extensive training in March this year.

The initiative has reportedly resulted in faster service and even better quality of their coffee, the company claims. Coffee now takes 30 seconds less to prepare. The sessions have also relieved the participants of work-related stress, according to the Evening Standard.


The baristas seemed to enjoy the experience as some of them chose to continue with the Wing Chun training during their free hours.

“We noticed that the baristas, some of them were feeling quite stressed. It’s quite a stressful job,” Orla Delargy of Leon was quoted as saying. “We tested their heart rate and their confidence levels then we did six weeks’ intensive Wing Tsun (Chun) training.”

We found the quality had gone up and heart rates had gone down,” he said.

Wing Chun is an ancient Chinese form of self-defense that utilizes both striking and grappling while specializing in close-range combat. The combat style also helps increase spatial awareness and helps to develop a better relationship between mind and body.

Written by Ryan General | NextShark


Guy Dresses in a Bruce Lee Onesie and Starts Bartending. Alcoholic Kung Fu Ensues


What if Bruce Lee hypothetically decided to pursue bartending instead of martial arts?

Two film makers from Utah have decided to imagine this in a YouTube video featuring the “World’s Best” flair bartender. While we were impressed with his abilities, we couldn’t help but notice how long it took him to make one damn drink! This is not going to fly during happy hour:


Johnnie Walker Whiskey’s Newest Ad Features a Resurrected CGI Bruce Lee


Maybe this is what happens when you get a lifelong believer in clean living sloshed.

To promote its popular Blue Label line, Johnnie Walker whiskey has just launched a new 90-second ad featuring none other than the famously sober, late martial arts legend Bruce Lee, resurrected through computer graphics onto a balcony in posh modern day Hong Kong. Dubbed a “short inspirational film sponsored by Johnnie Walker” by director Joseph Kahn — as opposed to a strict commercial — the spot follows a distant, slightly glazed-looking Lee spouting platitudes about dragons and water and walking, all in service of selling something his living self didn’t support in the first place.

Granted, Kahn did bring Lee’s daughter Shannon on board to advise the project (to ensure “accuracy”), and okay, he did release that disclaimer that the spot “isn’t about drinking, nor does Bruce Lee ever pitch, hold, talk about it [alcohol].” But you still can’t help but wish all the effort to bring the Enter the Dragon star back to life were spent somewhere a little less lushy. Get on it, Gatorade.

Check out the video for yourself below:

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