‘Brrrrr’ Solves All Awkward & Annoying Ice Cube Tray Dilemmas


Ever get a hankering for old-fashioned ice cubes? While nothing really beats the kind from at-home ice trays, making them can be super tricky and annoying. Seriously, how are we supposed to gauge the correct amount of water to pour when there’s an overflowing situation within .2 seconds? Answer: It’s impossible. That’s why we’re big fans of this cool, albeit awkward, animal-like ice tray.

Officially named Brrrrr, this Black + Blum invention puts a cool spin on those tray-made suckers, mostly because it looks like a bear, caterpillar and alien orb all rolled into one.


Basically, you fill Brrrrr with water vertically, set it in the freezer horizontally as excess water drains and simply wait for those cubes to freeze. Once finished, just give the thing a solid slam on the table and voila — perfect ice without the frustrating mess.

Brrrrr $20 @Black + Blum

H/T Gizmodo + PicThx Black + Blum