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5 Chocolate-Packed Twists On The Classic Brownie Recipe

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December is usually the month when we let go of our diets and just try to deal with crazy preparations for the holidays by indulging in our favorite treats. Is there anything more comforting than a brownie? How about you browse through these twists on classic brownie recipes and let us know if anything tops them? 

Anyone who knows me has the good sense to keep the plate of brownies away from me. I spent a long time building an ironclad reputation as someone who is quite capable of wolfing down the whole batch. That’s why I only get a small fraction of them whenever there’s a family gathering. Oh well, guess I’m going to have to make my own brownies and eat them all myself, right?

But if you frequently eat brownies, then maybe you want to try to mix it up a little, by experimenting with all of the possible forms and deconstructions of the classic brownie. And we’re here to help you with that, to up the ‘yum factor’ to 11! Meanwhile, if you want to perfect your baking brownie technique, check out these common mistakes you might be making.

5 brownie recipes with a twist!

1. Snickers brownies

Brownies are some of our favorite desserts, whether it’s a classic recipe or a recipe with a twist. Using a Snickers bar here may not actually be a twist, but it still is a genius idea. Snickers brings here a nice flavor and crunch, and we now think it’s a perfect brownie ingredient. Serve it with vanilla custard on top for an unforgettable experience.

2. Gooey chewy brownies

We’re big fans of brownies, but let’s face it. Nobody likes them dry, with that cake-like consistency. That is why we took things in the opposite direction for this, and we’ve made these gooey and chewy brownies. They’re filled with a deliciously sticky toffee sauce which may make them seem like they’re undercooked but have no worries. It’s delicious!

3. Peanut butter mug brownies

Yes, you can now make a fancy and absolutely delicious dessert in the microwave! Just follow our steps, and you’ll fall in love with this 10-minute mug brownie recipe. As usual, peanut butter tends to make everything that much better!

4. Oreo Brownies

These Oreo brownies are a good choice when you’re in the mood for a delicious weekend treat, but don’t have too much time on your hands. How do you make them? Just follow the steps in the video below!

5. Vegan Brownies

It may be hard to hold a raw-vegan diet, especially when you’re in the mood for a delicious dessert. Luckily, this dessert is so good, you’ll even forget it’s so healthy. With no sugar added, no baking skills required but flavored with lots of almonds, dates, and cashews, this brownie may become an all-time favorite!

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Article by Ruxandra Grecu from So Delicious. View the original article here.

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6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Making Brownies

Photo: So Delicious

Who doesn’t like having a delicious batch of chocolate-y goodness? Brownies are one of our favorite desserts to eat. If you feel the same way, then why not learn how to make them? Here are some common mistakes people make when baking brownies.

Are you trying to make brownies and the results are less than exquisite? Do they turn out a melty, gooey mess? Then maybe something is going a bit wrong somewhere along the process. I personally hate it when I dream of the perfect brownies and what I get would fail quality control anywhere. There’s got to be a streamlined process to making them, right?

If what you’re looking for is something decadent, with a very rich taste, to be your faithful companion when you’re in need of some comfort, then look at these following common mistakes and check yourself before you wreck your batch!

So, you might already know that there are two types of brownie recipes out there: the ones that are more like cake and the fudgier variety. How do you tell one from the other? Look at the ingredients. If the emphasis is on chocolate and butter than on dry ingredients, then you’ve found a fudge-like recipe. But if you’re supposed to cream butter and sugar together, your brownie will most likely turn out on the cake side.

And if you’re looking for brownie-related inspiration, we’ve got you covered on this, site. From snickers brownies to peanut butter mug brownies and even vegan brownies, you can make so many delicious treats!

Common mistakes when baking brownies

1. You’re not using the good chocolate

The tastiest treats are usually made from the best possible ingredients. So, if you can afford it, don’t just buy simple baking chocolate. Splurge a little on good chocolate. Also, don’t work with tiny chocolate chips, because they contain stabilizers which tend to melt poorly. It’s much better to get a big bar of chocolate and cut it into chunks, which will melt slower and lead to much creamier results.

And if you’re into mixing things up, then don’t just go for dark chocolate, even if it’s healthier. Add some of your more sinful varieties, something with a bit of sugar in it.

2. Your chocolate is too hot

One of the key things that can go wrong when baking brownies is cooking your eggs. How can that happen? Well, eggs tend to cook pretty fast when hot temperatures are involved. And if you add your chocolate to eggs when it’s super-hot, then it will end up cooking your eggs. That’s definitely not the result you’re looking for. So, let the chocolate you just melted cool a little.

Baking Brownies: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes
When you melt your chocolate, make sure that you don’t burn it.

3. Your eggs and butter are too cold

The other temperature-related mistake is using butter and eggs straight from the fridge. Please don’t. Make sure that you let those get to room temperature before you use them for the batter. If you do that, then you have a better chance of getting a smoother batter for the brownies of your dreams.

4. You are adding too many flavors

Don’t overcharge your palate with eccentric flavor combinations that have too many elements. Just pick one extra flavor and ride the chocolate wave with it. Let the chocolate be the star of the brownie, don’t eclipse it with too many other things. Some ideas of what you could add: nuts, peanut butter, or cream cheese. And then enjoy the rich taste you get!

Baking Brownies: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes
Nuts and nut butters are excellent fillings for your brownies.

5. You are not baking enough

What is the key to getting the worst result when baking brownies? Lacking patience! Undercooked brownies are quite possibly the worst because they’re all melty and have a disgusting texture. Follow your recipe to the letter, including – or especially – the baking time. That way you’ll be sure to get some crispiness on the crust of your brownie tray.

6. You’re not letting them rest

This is another instance where lacking patience will come and bite you in the brownie tray. Once you’ve cooked your tray for the required time specified in the recipe, remove it from the oven. But don’t give in to your craving just yet. The brownies are still setting in there and they need time to be the best that they can be. Not to mention that they’ll be easier to remove from the tray itself!

Baking Brownies: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes
Try to be patient and let your tray set when baking brownies.

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Article by Ruxandra Grecu from So Delicious. View the original article here.

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9 Ways To Cook With Wine That No True Wino Can Resist

The saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too” is applied to way too many aspects of daily life. We know for a fact there is one area where it just simply isn’t true, and that’s cooking with wine. You see, there are several recipes we have discovered that will allow you to literally drink your glass of wine, and eat good food at the same time. Because you really do deserve it all, here are nine ways to cook with wine no true wino will be able to resist.

Red Wine Brownies

While these may not get you drunk since most of the alcohol will be cooked out by the time they’re done, they’ll still be the richest brownies you may have ever had in your life. Baking is extremely precise so you need to be careful, but it’s pretty safe to say all you need to do to make these beauties is just use red wine instead of water or milk. Since we can be kind of lazy when it comes to baking, feel free to grab your favorite boxed brownie mix from the store and go to town. If you are looking for a little buzz, these would obviously serve as a great accompaniment to actual red wine.

Beef Bourguignon

The French pretty much run the game when it comes to cooking with wine. There are numerous traditional dishes that involve your favorite booze, and beef bourguignon is just one of them. While this dish is a labor of love, it’s so comforting you won’t mind that it’ll take you over an hour to make. To start, heat olive oil in a large Dutch oven (or other pan that is oven-safe) on the stove. Salt and pepper 2 ½ pounds of chuck roast, cut into cubes, add to the pan, and cook until browned. Once this has been accomplished, remove the chunks of beef to a separate plate. Then, add some diced carrots and onions to the pan, sautee until cooked, and then throw in ½ cup of cognac and light it on fire! This is the fun part. Once the cognac has been cooked off, add the cooked beef chunks, 1 bottle of wine, and enough chicken or beef broth to cover all ingredients. Place in the oven for about an hour and fifteen minutes, or until the beef chunks are so tender they fall apart with the slightest touch of a fork. If you want, add some flour to thicken the mixture, and voila! you have dinner.

Red Wine Pasta

Making red wine pasta is so simple, it’s no wonder people are obsessed with the stuff. All you need to do is go halfsies with water and wine in a large pot, and bring to a boil. Once the liquid is boiling, you add your pasta and cook to its desired consistency, just like any other time you’ve made the stuff. You’ll end up with perfect al dente pasta with a beautiful red hue, which we’re sure will impress your friends. If you’re feeling really ambitious, why not whip up a red wine cream sauce to go with it?

Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata is a traditional Italian dish and one of the best ways to use up that white wine that’s been sitting in your fridge for God knows how long. To make this dish, first heat some olive oil or butter in a pan. Then, take a couple chicken breasts and pound it with a hammer or rolling pin until it is fairly flat. Coat the chicken breast in a bit of flour or cornstarch, so it will brown nicely. Once the oil or butter has been heated, add the chicken breasts, and sautee until browned on each side. When the breasts are cooked, remove them to a plate. Now it’s time to “deglaze” the pan by adding about ¼ cup of white wine to the mix. Cook the wine until the liquid in the pan is back to its original amount, which means the alcohol is cooked off. Then add butter, capers, and juice from half a lemon and stir until you’ve reached a sauce-like consistency. Place the chicken breasts back into the pan to soak up all that goodness, and then serve over pasta, quinoa, spaghetti squash, or literally any type of carby food you want.

Red Wine Poached Pears

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Serving poached pears for dessert is the perfect way to impress any house guest because they’re visually stunning, but pretty easy to make. To start, pour a bottle of red wine and an equal amount of water into a soup pot or large saucepan and bring to a light simmer. Peel however many pears you want to make, and then place them in the liquid along with 2 cups of sugar and whatever spices you’re feeling, like cinnamon or vanilla bean. Let the pears cook in the simmering liquid for about 20 minutes, then turn the heat off or place the entire pot in the fridge until both the liquid and the pears are fully cooled. By this point, you’re pretty much done, so serve those babies up with some homemade whipped cream or ice cream and you’ve got dessert.

Bacon & Sweet Potato Hash

Bacon. Sweet Potato. White Wine. Fried Egg. All together in my newest hash recipe on the blog. Link in my profile! Go! Make!

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This bacon and sweet potato hash is a perfect way to consume wine with breakfast without it seeming sketchy. To make this easy breakfast dish, peel and dice a sweet potato. Dice a couple slices of bacon and heat in a frying pan. Once the bacon is nearly cooked and has rendered some nice fat, add the chunks of sweet potato and whatever other veggies you want like leeks or asparagus. Cook the mixture for a minute or two, or until the sweet potatoes brown a bit on the outside. Then, grab about ¼ cup of white wine from the fridge and pour into the frying pan. Cook until majority of the wine has evaporated, and serve!

Wine Popsicles

Wine popsicles are the perfect treat no matter the season or occasion. Making popsicles is always fun since they’re a blank canvas – you can put whatever you want in them, and chances are they’ll always be delicious. To make our go-to wine pops, you’ll need one cup of wine (red or white, whatever you want), 2 tablespoons of sugar, and whatever fruit you think will go best with your wine choice. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then, place the mixture in a popsicle mold, or a few small Dixie cups with a wooden popsicle stick if you don’t have the proper equipment. All you need to do is place the mixture in the freezer until the liquid is frozen, and then you’re free to enjoy.

Red Wine Truffles

You don’t have to be a sommelier to know that chocolate and red wine is one of the best combinations on this Earth. You can eat your little chocolate squares with your nightly glass of wine as much as you want, but we’ve found a way to to combine the two that’s too good not to share: red wine truffles. All you’ll need is eight ounces of baking chocolate, ½ cup heavy cream, and ½ cup of your favorite red wine. Coarsely chop the chocolate and place in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds, and then remove the bowl and stir. Repeat this process until the chocolate is fully melted. While you’re cooking the chocolate, heat the cream in a small saucepan until small bubbles start to form. Add the warmed cream to the chocolate mixture, add your ½ cupe wine, and stir until incorporated. Pour the mixture into a glass baking dish and place in the fridge for about 4 hours. Then, take small scoops and roll into balls. Coat with your desired garnish – like shredded coconut or cocoa powder – and serve!

Red Wine Bread

Making bread can be extremely complex, but there are a few simple recipes out there if you look hard enough. This is one that seems fairly easy to make, and calls for red wine so basically it’s the bomb. In a large bowl, combine 3 cups flour, 1 tablespoon baking soda, and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Slowly mix in 1 ½ cups of red wine and knead for about five minutes on a cutting board or countertop that has been sprinkled with flour so the dough doesn’t stick. This part is important so the sugars in the mixture can get the oxidation process rolling. Once you’ve kneaded your dough, mold it into whatever shape you desire. Then brush with butter or olive oil, and create a slash in the top of the dough so the bread can breathe throughout the cooking process. Place the dough on a baking sheet with parchment paper, and bake for 30-35 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, or until bread is fully cooked. Enjoy with some cheese and charcuterie, and a glass of red wine for good measure.

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Mother Admits To Using Breast Milk In School’s Bake Sale Brownies

I think this time around, there might be reason to cry over spilled milk, because feeding breast milk to people other than your baby could potentially be hazardous, and putting them in brownies without telling anyone is downright foolish.

An anonymous mom looking for baking advice on Facebook, posted that she “didn’t have time to run to the store,” and felt that using her own breast milk would the a perfect substitute for her child’s bake sale brownies.

The post went viral and comments came flooding in on this mom’s lack of judgement—some were jokes, but some were justifiably irate by the situation.

My favorite:

They say breast milk has a lot of redeeming vitamins and nutrients, right? While that may be true, it is technically not safe to consume breast milk that has not been properly screened. The FDA warns that unscreened breast milk puts individuals at risk for exposure to infectious diseases, and chemical contaminants.

Anytime we eat anything labeled as “homemade,” we run the risk of being exposed to these dangers, so it might be a good idea to ask questions about what’s being used to make those delicious brownies you bought at the farmer’s market.

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There’s A Dessert Fest In LA This Weekend And It’s A Sugar Filled Paradise

Got a sugar-thirsty sweet tooth? Don’t we all.

Time Out L.A. is taking advantage of those who are forever down for desserts with their Dessert Fest happening this Sunday, April 30. Attendees will have access to some of LA’s most tempting treats, all in one sitting.

The Time Out L.A. editors asked eight local restaurants and bakeries to serve up their most popular desserts for the event, and thus, Sunday they will be doing just that at Studio 11. The participating vendors include: Magnolia Bakery, Ococoa, Lady M Cake Boutique, Erin McKenna’s Bakery, SpireWorks, The Walrus and the Hedgehog, Wanderlust Creamery, and Pop Champagne Bar & Restaurant.

Magnolia Bakery

Kate Wertheimer, Editor at Time Out Los Angeles, says:

“At Time Out we’re dedicated to discovering the best of the city—whether that’s bars, theater, comedy, art or the very best dishes. L.A. has some great restaurants that are getting super creative with their desserts—whether baked, fried or frozen—so to celebrate our favorite sweet treats, we’re crowning L.A.’s very best. I promise that this will be every foodies’ perfect day filled with delicious, decadent goodness, and a few surprises, too.”

The Walrus and the Hedgehog


Tickets are between $25-$35 and will get you tastings from each participating restaurant plus two complementary beers from Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

For more information and to book your ticket, visit:

Check out more of the goodies from the Fest below:

Magnolia Bakery


POP Champagne Bar


How to Make Leftover Pie Brownies

So Thanksgiving is over. The gravy boat is put away until next year, the mashed potato bowl is soaking in the sink, and there’s still a good amount of pie sitting on your counter. Sure, you could eat it for breakfast for the next couple of days, or you could repurpose that pie by pureeing it and adding it to your favorite brownie recipe.

In this instance, my brownies were just from the box, and I add in half of a pecan pie and some bourbon just because. But I’ve keep the recipe generic as you can use any flavor you want, or maybe even multiple flavors if you are feeling really adventurous:


Leftover Pie Brownies 


  • Leftover pie (1/2 of a pecan pie)
  • Favorite brownie recipe (mine’s the box)
  • Mix-ins (3T of bourbon for me)


  1. Puree pie in food processor until it resembles a paste or fine crumb (depending on what kind of pie you use).
  2. Fold mix-ins into your pie puree.
  3. Mix up brownie batter according to recipe, and spread into greased Edge brownie pan (or other appropriately-sized pan.
  4. Drop pureed pie in dollops into the brownie batter and use a knife or spoon to swirl it in a bit.
  5. Bake as directed, let cool, cut, and serve.

I’d love to know what combinations others come up with. It’s all up to your imagination and what you have on hand. In other words, the pie’s the limit!


11 Ways to Transform Your Leftover Halloween Candy Into Something Sweeter

halloween candy cake

Halloween is finally over and now we’re left with the age old question that hits us all on November 1: “what the hell am I going to do with all this leftover candy?”

Now, all this candy overstock could be because you just didn’t get that many trick-or-treaters, or maybe you decided to buy extra just in case (aka you wanted a stash for yourself), or you swiped some of your kid’s hard-earned sweets. Yes, parents, we’ve been onto your little game for years now. No matter the reason, you still have a grip of candy staring you in the face with nothing to do other than stuff your face with it, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not the most creative way to use all that sugary gold.

Your buddies here at Foodbeast want to help you out with this candy conundrum by presenting you with some ways to spruce up those sweets into something even better. P.S. We’re totally not responsible if you a) overdo it or b) get a cavity.


Halloween Candy Bark


Recipe: Just A Taste


Snickers Cupcakes


Recipe: Sugar Hero


Fried Candy Corn


Recipe: Oh, Bite It!


Leftover Halloween Candy Brownies

Halloween Chocolate Leftover Brownies

Recipe: Beki Cook’s Cake Blog


Halloween Candy Cheesecake

candy bar cheesecake

Recipe: Pineapple and Coconut


 Movie Theater Popcorn Cake


Recipe: Foodbeast


Halloween Candy Cookie Cake

halloween candy cake

Recipe: Baker By Nature


Peanut Butter Cup Fudge


Recipe: Sugar Hero


Heath Bar Cupcakes


Recipe: My Baking Addiction 


Twix Caramel Popcorn

twix-caramel-popcorn2Recipe: Two Peas and Their Pod


Milky Way Muddy Buddies


Recipe: Chef in Training 


How to Make Brownie-Stuffed Brownies

Lately I’ve had brownies on the brain. So much so that when trying to come up with a new recipe, all I could think of was brownies, brownies, brownies. So I decided not to fight it. Brownie-stuffed brownies, topped with a brownie crumble? Sounds like a winner to me.

Brownie-stuffed brownies

Brownie-Stuffed Brownies
(About 24 Brownies)


  • 24 Little Debbie® Cosmic® Brownies (2 boxes of 6 packs of 2)
  • Duncan Hines Family Size Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix
  • Eggs oil and water called for on box mix
  • 5oz Fudge Brownie Goldfish Grahams


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease 9×13 glass pan (or use your Brownie edge pan!).
  2. Pulse Fudge Brownie Goldfish Grahams in food processor until coarsely chopped. Set aside.
  3. Mix brownie batter according to directions. Spread thin layer of brownie batter on the bottom of greased 9×13 pan.
  4. Place single layer of Cosmic Brownies evenly over brownie batter (4×6), pressing each brownie down slightly into the batter.
  5. Pour remaining batter over brownie layer, spreading out batter so it covers all of the Cosmic Brownies.
  6. Sprinkle crushed Fudge Brownie Goldfish Grahams evenly over top of brownie batter and press down lightly.
  7. Bake according to directions (about 20 to 25 minutes) or until brownies are fully baked.
  8. Let cool for 20 minutes, cut into 24 pieces, and serve.

If you are looking to achieve a super dense, very rich, but not overly sweet brownie dessert, this is it my friends. This recipe is sure to satisfy even your most intense brownie craving.