5 Perishable Foods That Shouldn’t Be Bought In Bulk

The temptation is big when it comes to shopping at the supermarket: get as much as possible, to save time and money. But some perishable foods are not to be hoarded in your pantry.

You know one of the things I can’t stand? Wasting food. I’ve done that for too long and it just makes me feel guilty but also determined and willing to do better in the future. So, buying perishable foods in bulk can be a huge waste of resources and they take up so much space.

If you think about it, buying less of these products won’t mean an extra trip to the store, not necessarily. But you will most definitely waste less money thanks to that. So which are those perishable foods you should stop buying in bulk? Strap yourself in and let’s go through them, right now!

5 perishable foods to buy less of

1. Brown rice

This is a delicious food with plenty of health benefits to go around. It’s much more nutritious than white rice and it’s simple to cook. It’s only natural that you would want to have as much of it as possible. But what if… you shouldn’t? Because, basically, I am here to tell you to not get too much of it. The reason is pretty simple. This lovely grain is rich in natural oils (more so than its relative, white rice, which is less perishable) and the oils are the part of the brown rice that can make it go rancid. It can last for up to six months outside of the freezer, as long as it’s in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Perishable foods rice
Brown rice can last for up to six months outside of the freezer.

2. Coffee

If you’re a coffee addict, like me, then maybe you like to get way too many beans of your favorite kind of Arabica, or whatever it is you prefer. I like mine dark and rich like the souls of my ex-boyfriends. But have you ever noticed that after a while coffee starts to lose some of its flavor and aroma? Well, keeping it for too long in your pantry might be one of the reasons your coffee tastes bad. So don’t buy in bulk, or you might end up having a coffee that is just not good enough.

Perishable foods coffee
Do not keep coffee too long in your pantry! It will lose its flavor!

3. Flour

Do you feel like making some waffles or pancakes in the morning? Well, what do you do if you suddenly discover that your flour is no good? Who wants to go to the store instead of having breakfast? And before you ask, yes, your huge bag of flour might not keep for too long. If you keep it in your pantry for too long, then it might retain and attract moisture. And that obviously won’t… sift well in your pancakes (I am sorry for my terrible puns).

Perishable foods flour
Your pancakes will be fluffier if you use good flour.

4. Yeast

You should never buy this leavening agent in bulk because it doesn’t keep for that long thanks to its active enzymes. These create carbon dioxide when exposed to moisture and basically destroys your yeast. So how long does it last? It depends on the type of yeast you have and the storing method you choose. Dry active yeast lasts for 2-4 months past printed expiration date, in the pantry. And cake yeast lasts for1-2 weeks after the expiration date. If you keep them in the refrigerator, they can keep for 4 months, respectively 2-3 months.

Perishable foods yeast
Yeast doesn’t keep for long because of its active enzymes.

5. Spices

One time I tried to do this whole makeover for my kitchen and I got huge jars for my spices and felt super happy when I looked at them, all colorful and with such nice textures, sitting on my spice rack. The problem? After a while, a short one even, they got pretty stale. And then I could only use them for decoration purposes. But think about it, it makes sense. You’re only supposed to use a pinch of spices in your dishes, or your mouth will be on fire. So it takes a long while to empty one of those jars. And by then it might be too late.

Perishable foods spices
Spices tend to become pretty stale if not used for long periods of time.

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Fast Food

Panda Express Allows Fans to Choose Between Fried or Brown Rice, Except Not Really Because Both Will Remain On Menu Regardless


(Update: 7-12-13 — A Panda Express representative reached out and informed us that only the steamed brown and steamed white rice will continue to be offered as menu options, while the fried brown and fried white will remain subject to vote until the campaign ends in August)

Eating at Panda Express is a struggle. On the one hand, there’s those handy 400-calorie-and-under labels guiding your eyes to the healthier “Beef and Broccoli” and “Tofu Eggplant” options. On the other hand, Orange Chicken. So it’s no surprise that when the popular mall food court chain swapped out its classic fried white recipe with a negligibly healthier fried brown rice one, more than a few folks raised their Styrofoam take-out boxes in outrage. Now, Panda is leaving the final decision up to us. Sort of.

According to Brand Eating, starting this week until August 31, Panda Express will be running a campaign asking guests to vote for their favorite rice, either the Classic White Fried or the new Brown Fried. Every purchase for either variety will count as a vote toward it, and the winner will be allowed to stay on the menu in September. The loser will be relegated to that dark corner of the Panda Express “secret menu” Purgatory – which is to say you can still order it, it just won’t get its own nifty name tag.

The illusion of choice – consumerism at its finest, folks.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating