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Canadian Bros Drive 500 Miles To Try McDonald’s Pizza

In similar fashion to a particular episode of How I Met Your Mother, three bros decided to embark on a legendary road trip to get some pizza from McDonald’s.

If you’re confused, McDonald’s tried selling pizza back in the early 1990s, but complications arose due to the pizzas slowing down drive-thru wait times and some fierce campaigning against the pies by Pizza Hut. The pizzas were eventually taken out of McDonald’s locations nationwide, but that didn’t stop two locations from continuing to sell a pizza pretty close to the original recipe. You can still find those pizzas in Pomeroy, Ohio and Spencer, West Virginia.

After reading an article on about where the pizzas were still available, the guys at YouTube channel Completely Irrelephant came to the conclusion that they absolutely had to try a slice of McDonald’s pizza, and made plans to drive from London, Ontario to Spencer, West Virginia to do so. The total distance for the road trip was about 800 kilometers, or just under 500 miles.

While the actual road trip was pretty smooth, the bros did forget to see if the location they plugged into their GPS actually had the pizza, since the article was a couple of years old and there was no telling if the pizzas were still being served there.

Thankfully, the location was still selling them, much to the joy of the squad.

“Oh my God, there’s f*cking pizza!!!”

It seems that they enjoyed the pies after scarfing them down in a matter of minutes and getting back on the road.

This was definitely an iconic road trip and is making me consider trying my own for the pizza.

Who’s down?

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Bachelor Party Badass Chugs A Beer Through Salmon’s Butthole

Since the dawn of time, bachelor parties have had at least one thing in common: craziness. Some things, like strippers and illegal alcohol/drugs, are the most common sources of a crazy bachelor party. For a handful of ballsy men from British Columbia, Canada, their vice is none other than…salmon.

After setting out on two fishing boats, Sal (short for salmon, and the name I’m using since the real names in this story have been omitted) and his crew came back only to learn that one boat had caught all the salmon, while the other boat virtually caught nothing.

Well, bringing nothing back after an entire day of fishing was sure to draw some jokes and mockery from the other boat. So in order to make up for the glaring lack of scaly lake-dwellers, one hard-partying dude decided to show off one of his more famous party tricks. That’s really all I can say, so your best bet is to check it out for yourselves.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of putting my lips on a fish’s butthole to make a functioning beer bong has never occurred to me. I would also never waste that much beer, that’s a travesty. You saw that little bit of fish guts hanging from the top of the fish, right? It wasn’t just me? Ok good, just making sure.

I think it’s safe to say that this is one fish they definitely ordered up to be beer-battered.


These Baristas Stopped Working To Do Something Beautiful For A Customer

Maybe I’m just being hormonal, or maybe it’s because I watched The Green Mile last night and now crying all the time just feels right, but a handful of coffee shop baristas just made me bawl like a 13-year-old girl finding out that Zayn Malik left One Direction. That still hurts, too.

Barbara Danner was waiting in the drive-thru line at Dutch Bros. Coffee when she saw multiple baristas reaching out their hands (and their hearts) to the customer in line in front of her. She snapped a picture, then asked the baristas what the story was behind the sentimental display.

According to her post, the woman in line in front of her lost her 37-year-old husband the night before. The baristas noticed that something was troubling her, and immediately offered their support. When they found out what had happened, three or four of them dropped whatever they were doing and bowed their heads in prayer with her.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.59.44 PMApparently this spontaneous act of kindness and humanity is nothing new for the Good Samaritans at Dutch Bros. After sifting through the comments on Danner’s post, it’s fairly easy to see how common stories like this are. I legitimately could not find a single story documenting a bad time at Dutch Bros. Rather, I am now bawling like a baby back bitch after reading all of them.

One woman’s newborn son passed away, and the barista at the time cried with her and shared her pain. Another barista waived a customer’s coffee payment after hearing about her dog and best friend being put down, and read some Peanuts Gallery comics to her to cheer her up. A third barista gave a drink to a man rushing to the hospital to see the birth of his Nephew. Two weeks later, the customer returned to a free drink and a friendly face that genuinely inquired as to the health of the baby.

The stories that I’m seeing from this place continue to baffle me. How does one establishment find so many good people? I know every company spews some bullshit about sharing one heart, one mind and one goal, but in my 27 years on Earth, never once have I seen such a large collection of wonderful people actually accomplish such a daunting feat. If you need a good cry right now, check out the post and skim through the comments, you won’t be disappointed.

Next time you’re planning on going to Starbucks, consider finding a Dutch Bros. Coffee instead. After all, we can all use a hug more often than we let on, and something tells me any employee at any Dutch Bros. location would be happy to oblige.

Dutch Bros. Coffee, I salute you.



Photo Credit: Facebook


Bros Play Beer Pong in the Middle of New York’s Massive Snowstorm [WATCH]


These gentlemen bros won’t let a massive snowstorm get them down.

In the mists of yesterday’s blizzard in New York City, a game of beer pong became the talk of the Internet. Thanks to a transportation ban, folks were prohibited from commuting past 11pm. Because the streets in the East Village were practically empty, a group of bros decided it was the perfect opportunity to get in a game of beer pong.

Passersby caught video of the gents intensely focused on this epic game in the middle of the snow-covered New York street.

Check out the video below to watch a bunch of 20-something guys get hammered in the snow. It’s safe to say, they got pretty into it.