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Here’s Absolutely Everything You Can’t Eat If You Boycott Pepsi

People got a little pissed at Pepsi’s Diet Woke commercial, where Kendall Jenner brought about world peace with nothing more than a sexy walk and a can of Pepsi.

While boycotting Kendall Jenner is easy, things get a little more complicated should you decide to boycott Pepsi.

PepsiCo’s reach is pretty deep and they own products that you probably wouldn’t even think were associated with the brand.

Let’s start with the big names such as Pepsi-Cola, Lay’s, Tropicana, Quaker, and Gatorade. All of these brands are global and household names that are all owned by PepsiCo.

Let’s dig into Yum Brands, which isn’t owned by Pepsi, but has a lifetime contract to carry Pepsi products. That’s why every time you walk into KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut or Long John Silver’s, they are exclusive Pepsi drink slangers.

Then they have the “Good for You” division, with brands that they deem healthier alternatives. These brands consist of several favorites such as Kevita, Naked Juice, Sabra Hummus, Aquafina, and Sunbites.

Then we get a little deeper with the “Better for You” PepsiCo division, with healthy-ish brands such as SoBe, Stacy’s Peta Chips, Alvalle Juice, Grain Waves Chips, and Propel Water.

The “Fun for You” division has a lot of notable names such as Cheetos, Doritos, Mtn Dew, Fritos, Tostitos, and the most unlikely item of all, the Starbucks Ready-to-Go beverages.

That’s a lot of brands to memorize. Even if you tried your hardest, you’d probably accidentally eat or drink something Pepsi related. It’s not impossible though, and if that commercial really pissed you off, give it a shot, player.


Lipton Iced Tea Scented Pens, Because Sharpies Just Ain’t Gonna Cut It


Some smells just make you feel good. Freshly baked cookies, cooking garlic, that one dish your mom used to make. For me, popping open a can of Lipton Brisk Iced Tea instantly reminds me of grandma, so while I’d hate to see her lovingly-stern face show up anywhere near my college classroom, thinking about lemon tea and extra cash would probably make those Powerpoints go by faster.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Sarasa Clip pens, Japanese stationary company Zebra has partnered with Lipton tea to create this line of tea-scented ball point pens. Available individually or in packs of five, each of the 10 pens in the line represents a different Japanese Lipton tea flavor, including Black, Grape, Vanilla Au Lait, Muscat, Lemon, Milk Tea, Peach, Valencia Orange, Apple, and Caramel au Lait, according to Rocket News.

We’ve long graduated from sniffing Sharpies or those weird scented highlighters. It’s high-time we started daydreaming in style. Iced tea pens = classy AF.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


Internet Meme ‘Scumbag Steve’ Becomes Focus of Latest Brisk Iced Tea Campaign

This is a Don Draper move if I’ve ever seen it: Brisk Iced Tea is working in Scumbag Steve, image hosting site Imgur, creative marketing agency Mekanism, and a hopeful community of meme-curators into an experimental type of ad unit that starts running this week.

Image hosting site Imgur now amasses nearly 2 billion monthly page views, a success that can be attributed in part to the hosting of hilarious image-based memes like Scumbag Steve.

For those unfamiliar, Scumbag Steve is an image macro series featuring a generally douchey looking kid with a sideways fitted cap standing in a hallway. The overlaid text generally consists of terrible, unethical and generally obnoxious things Steve does to his friends and the people around him.

The move to partner with Imgur and for a brand like Brisk iced tea to associate themselves with the likes of a Scumbag like Steve could prove to be a barrier-breaking and fruitful one.

Mekanism indeed walked a fine line with the concept, but they got approval from the “real” Steve himself (Blake Boston) and ultimately came up with an overlay text that wasn’t overly obnoxious, but had an overarching tone of promoting the Brisk brand.

How do you feel the ad stacks up? Better than traditional display advertising?

The ROI will undoubtedly be harder to measure on a campaign like this. But, if the image (above) can gain traction on the Imgur website along with making its way across the viral web, we can thank Imgur, Brisk and marketing agency Mekanism for further blurring the line between original content and advertising.

Thanks. Thanks, a lot!

[Via TechCrunch]


Brisk Presents: Yoda vs. Darth Maul

It’s a classic battle between good and evil that combines elements of old and new within the Star Wars mythology and is brought to you in a way that only Brisk could deliver. The evil Darth Maul  and the ever-wise and true Yoda face off for the very first time in this comical confrontation utilizing some classic Brisk commercial stylings.

The Sith Lord and Jedi Master are portrayed in a slightly exaggerated caricature that’s consistent with the aesthetic presented in other Brisk commercials, which is completely fitting since very little of this bout is meant to be taken seriously. The not-so-epic match between good and evil in it’s entirety can be found right here:


Slaughterhouse and Shady Records Artists Ink Promo Deal With Lipton

Eminem surprised millions of home-viewing audience members in his Brisk Iced Tea Super Bowl XLV commercial. The Detroit rapper has furthered his partnership with Lipton by agreeing to a deal that will help promote artist from his Shady imprint that houses Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf and Ca$his. According to a report coming out of the New York Times, Lipton will be participating in music events with the musical artists in order for a more timely promotional effort.