Swanky Beer ‘Briefcase’ Carries 4-Pack in Capri Sun Pouches


If you ever have the urge to carry beer around like some kind of blood smuggler, look no further than the Leuven. Created by Korean designer Wonchan Lee, it’s a minimalist, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard or plastic ringed six packs, that allows you to carry four vacuum-sealed PET bags of beer in a way that probably seems way more futuristic than it actually is.

More a frame than a briefcase, the Leuven concept was developed to create a contrasting aesthetic between the clear pouches and black container, and explore new possibilities for beverage package design. In other words, just ’cause it looks cool.

“Differentiation is probably the most important factor in packaging these days as packaging is often the only way to appeal and compete with other products on the shelf,” Lee wrote in his product description, “it has to stand out among others.”


Still, it’s hip, it’s minimalist, it’s green, and if it ever comes to market, it’ll probably also be wildly overpriced. Why wouldn’t we be in?



Show the World You Mean Business With a BBQ Briefcase

Just because the 4th of July is over, doesn’t mean the celebration has to stop — and that includes during your office lunch hour. Did you buy too many burgers and hot dogs for your backyard fiesta? That’s okay, you can take the left overs with you and grill them on this handy Darwin Triangular BBQ.

It’s almost like the mullet of BBQs — business on the outside, party on the inside. Don’t be fooled by its small demeanor, you can fit 4 burgers or a few hot dogs on the grill rack comfortably. You might get looks carrying around a bag of charcoal, but it’s better than a brown bag lunch.

Buy $52 at The Fancy