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College Party Was So Lit That The Alcohol In The Air Registered On A Breathalyzer

College frat parties are known for being full of booze, but one was so lit that even the air in the house registered on a breathalyzer.


Photo: US Air Force

This party took place in Bethesda, Maryland, with the frat involved being American University’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Police raided the “Tequila Tuesday” night last month after receiving complaints from neighbors, according to USA Today. Per court documents, over 70 people were in attendance, all of which were checked with breathalyzers for blood alcohol content. None were as alarming as the 0.01 BAC reading that came from the air in the house, which was full of spilled alcohol, empty beer cans, and liquor bottles. A reading of 0.08 is legally drunk in the state of Maryland.

American University has already cited the frat in the past for such problems, and now has four active sanctions against Sigma Alpha Epsilon, according to WJLA. These include disciplinary probation, social probation, risk management plan, and notification to headquarter office.

The six frat bros who hosted the party at their house were all charged with 126 counts each of allowing underage possession of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to a minor. They also face fines that ring up to $315,000 each. Ironically, all of the bros were also underage, being just 20 years old each.

Hopefully, the legendary party was worth the trouble they’re now all in.

Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food Products

This Bag Of Tostitos Just Told Us We Were Too Drunk To Drive [WATCH]

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Tostitos just unveiled a “Party Safe” bag of corn tortilla chips that you blow into to find out if you’re too buzzed to drive.

We got one of these bags sent to the Foodbeast office, and immediately used it as an excuse to get lit on a work day.


The front of the limited edition bag will light up red, with a message that reads, “Get an Uber. Don’t drink and drive,” if it detects alcohol on your breath. If you’re completely sober, the light appears green.

In the Facebook livestream above, our own Rudy and Marc did the honors of properly testing it out, and took a few shots to see if the bag actually worked.


To activate the bag, we removed the little magnetic flap in the front of the bag, blew into the little tap, then the bag lit up blue and started spinning in a clockwise motion, figuring out who in the office was an alcoholic.


While you could argue that they weren’t even buzzed after one shot, the bag said they should probably call an Uber to pick them up. After the bag turned red, the bag showed a code for a free $50 Uber ride.

A few of us in the office who did not drink, were in the clear, as the bag lit up green for most of us.

For whatever reason, the first time I blew into the bag myself, which turned the indicator red, despite never having a drink in my 28 years of life. So that was a little suspect. Maybe Marc and Rudy got so drunk, that I got second-hand drunk.


In the end, this bag isn’t a legit breathalyzer, and they made it very clear that it’s not, but it still reminds you that you’ve had something to drink, and suggests you don’t drive while in any form of intoxication.

Thanks to their collab with “Mothers Against Drunk Driving,” every single regular bag of Tostitos right now,has its own barcode which allows you to get $10 off your Uber ride during February 5, Super Bowl Sunday. Up to 25,000 people can use this code that day, and the offer is good for both new and pre-existing Uber users.

They basically went through all this trouble to remind you to drink responsibly, and we’ll gladly reiterate those sentiments.


UBER Testing Breathalyzer Station That Gives Drunks Free Rides Home


Uber has plans to test remote kiosks at select cities they’re calling Uber Safe. The kiosk work as a breathalyzer machine that inebriated folks can blow into. All they do is grab a disposable straw, place it into the slot and blow for six seconds while the Uber machine determines the person’s blood alcohol level.

If high enough, the kiosk will then place a call to the nearest Uber driver and have the car pick them up. In what’s a pretty generous step in the battle against drunk driving, Uber apparently won’t charge folks for this service.

Does that mean we can get as drunk as we want and not pay? Sold.

Uber Safe is currently testing a prototype in Toronto and has plans to move to other select cities, if successful. Until then, the over-boozed will just have to fumble on their mobile devices for rides.


Move Over Diddy – Turns Out The Breathalyzer Watch Is An Actual Thing


Last week, we received the unfortunate news that a possible breathalyzer watch from G-Shock and Ciroc was nothing but a brilliant fake. This week, coincidentally, Japanese company TokyoFlash has just announced the launch of its actual working breathalyzer watch, almost as if to say, “It’s all right Diddy, the grown-ups can take it from here.”

Sadly not named the “In-tocks-icated,” the “Kisai Intoxicated” features a color-changing LCD which turns green, yellow and red according to the user’s blood alcohol content. Just breathe into the side sensor to receive a great, glowing indicator of whether or not you’re good to drive. First envisioned in June 2011, the finalized product will be available starting tomorrow for $99 for the first 48 hours of sale – after which, who knows what? Maybe they’ll go back to the drawing board and make the time display easier to read.


In any case, the Tokyoflash website notes the watch is designed “for entertainment only,” and is in no way guaranteed to be reliable. But at least you can say you tried. Kind of.

H/T Paul Cooper, Tokyoflash


The G-Shock x Ciroc Breathalyzer Watch Would Probably Have Way Too Many Buttons, Anyway


Breathalyzers aren’t typically a night owl’s hip, go-to accessory. Black, awkward and frankly a bit pager-y, the few portable breathalyzers on the market today seem like much more trouble than they’re worth. Luckily P. Diddy and Casio may have found a way to help ‘90s hoodrats everywhere get home safe after a long night of knocking back screwdrivers and jungle juice.

(Just kidding – turns out this thing is a fake, at least according to highsnobiety and hiconsumption. Balls.)

If it was real, however, the “Ciroc x G-Shock Breathalyzer Watch” would feature Ciroc’s iconic logo and color gradients, along with a built-in breathalyzer capable of calculating and displaying your blood alcohol content on its face – right next to the million other numbers and letters on there.

Maybe it’s better off being fake, though. Goodness knows all those buttons confused the hell out of me as a child. Can you imagine trying to operate it drunk?

“Ma’am, are you sucking on your watch?”

“No-ahfisher, this—thisisjus howit … workssss … ZzZzzzz.”

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


Breathalyzer Counts You Down to Sobriety, Alerts DD When You’re Too Drunk to Math

booze tracker

While many experienced drinkers swear they know their limit and when they’re sober enough to drive, this BACtrack breathalyzer is a great way to double check on nights you feel a bit iffy. The BACtrack connects to an accompanying smartphone app that not only gives you a thorough estimate of when you’ll be sober enough to drive/walk/communicate coherently but gives you insight on your drinking habits and how your body processes alcohol.

Simply blow into the  breathalyzer and readings are sent to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. Along with the more practical uses, the app lets you share pictures of your beverages in a “personal drink diary” with people in your social network. Find a delicious brew you want all your craft lovers to know about (before you get too drunk to remember the next morning)? Simply snap a pic, input the information and bam! Now they know.

Although, the best feature of the BACtrack lets you alert your designated driver that you’re too drunk to math drive.

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer $150 @ThinkGeek

H/T Gizmodo + PicThx ThinkGeek


This Booze-Happy NYE Noisemaker Only Works When You’re Drunk

Here’s a quick way to weed out the underage or otherwise alcohol-avoidant party poopers at your next New Year’s Eve bash: Hand out a bunch of noisemakers that only work after someone swished a good amount of alcohol in his mouth.

Now apparently the Buzzed Buzzer‘s technology is simple enough that you can make one of these alcohol-sensing party horns at home, using some wire, some pliers and an Arduino microcontroller, among other things.

But just imagine how much better your NYE would be if you handed these out:

Sober friend: “Ugh this party’s so boring. I’m way too sober for this ish.”
Drunk friend: *Hands him a bottle of booze and a noisemaker* Here. Play.

And the fun will never end.

Granted, according to BB’s website, the buzzer’s alcohol sensor isn’t the most accurate and can actually be tricked by a little more than a quick swig. But still, no one wants to have a super-boring, super-quiet New Year’s Eve. Why not knock out two party necessities at once?

H/T Laughing Squid