NSFW Ads Graphically Depict Eating Junk Food During Pregnancy


The foods that pregnant women eat can definitely impact their unborn child in some way or another. While the most know to avoid are raw fish and alcohol, even junk food can have an adverse effect on a child.

Paim, a Brazilian agency created a series of graphic ads depicting this for the SPRS. Babies are shown suckling on breasts that have different kinds of foods drawn onto them. While the illustrations are amazingly detailed, the overall ad is incredibly haunting.

It boasts the header: “Your child is what you eat.”




Food Trucks

This Boob-Themed Milk Truck Delivers Nourishment

Food trucks are no recent phenomenon, but food trucks for babies are certainly something new.

And no, we aren’t talking about a trendy new gluten-free, veganlicious restaurant-on-wheels for toddlers… we’re talking about food straight from the bosom. Yep, old-fashioned style. Just like Mama used to make.