South Korean Oreo Breastfeeding Ad, How Do You Eat Your Oreo? [NSFW]

Scratch that kid-friendly vibe you’ve been accustomed to from OREO. A recent ad emerging from South Korea pictures a young baby getting breastfed, mother’s nipple exposed, and OREO cookie in hand. Best of all, the slogan for the ad is: “Milk’s favorite cookie.” Even more best of all, check out the kid’s sly look at the camera. He knows what’s going on.

The provocative ad is spectacular, in my opinion. Not sure the target audience expected out of this campaign — pregnant women? Horny snack junkies? Super advanced grocery decision-making infants? Our web developer Rudy?

This type of ad would normally get some serious flack here in the states, but apparently it’s the kind of material that Oreo in South Korea deemed completely appropriate. Here’s the advertisement in its uncensored glory.

This totally begs the question, how do you eat your Oreo?