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[BREAKING BAD SPOILER ALERT] Steakhouse to Hold Funeral in Honor of Series


It is done. Finished. The show that consumed five years of my life is over, leaving many of us fans with a hole in our hearts that we must quest to fill. So for any of you fans that felt like you didn’t get closure, or anybody who has ever wanted to attend the funeral of an international drug Kingpin, there might be a solution to your problems.

A steakhouse in Albuquerque New Mexico has decided to throw a funeral for The One Who Knocks on Saturday October 19th at Sunset Memorial Park. The eulogy for Walter White will be delivered by set decorator Michael Flowers, and it can be expected that the people wearing black bowler hats to people not wearing black bowler hats ratio will be greatly skewed from its natural state of nobody wearing black bowler hats.  The reception will be held at Vernon’s Hidden Valley steakhouse, which is featured multiple times in the show, and donations will be made towards Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless “in memory of Walter White.”

Yes, the funeral is a must for any fans in the area, just make sure not to use the Stevia if they are serving any tea.

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Heisenberg Approved: How To Make Breaking Bad Meth Candy In Your Garage


After a year of sobriety from the first half of the final episodes of Breaking Bad, we finally got our fix with the premiere of the 2nd part of the 5th season. To celebrate we channeled our inner Heisenberg and made up a batch of that blue stuff, YO.