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IHOP Now Serving Up Reese’s Pieces Pancakes

Photo: IHOP

Truth be told if I’m starting my day off with a meal that incorporates peanut butter, then for sure I’m starting it off right. IHOP seems to agree with me as they’re letting peanut butter lovers like me indulge freely in their newest offering: Reese’s Pieces Pancakes.

Reese’s Pieces Pancakes look to be a seasonal favorite to ring in Halloween and feature buttermilk pancakes topped with Reese’s peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce, and of course Reese’s Pieces candy, crowned with a whipped topping.

Seasonal fall menu items like the new Reese’s Pieces Pancakes can be enjoyed at participating IHOP locations nationwide for a limited time only.

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These Cotton Candy Pancakes Are A Whimsical Way to Start Your Day

Las Vegas is known for their over the top dishes that take the show and glow of The Strip right to your plate. A perfect example of this are these Cotton Candy Pancakes from The Stove.

Spotted by Foodbeast fam @ryusauce, a fluffy short stack of pancakes get treated with fresh strawberries, house-made whip, and a pillowy crown of pink cotton candy. The visual fun doesn’t stop there as a heavy syrup pour is needed to activate a sweet, melty situation that will jumpstart your morning with a proper sugar rush.

Brunchtime is sure to get active once you get the bottomless mimosas, too. Sugar rush plus boozy buzz equals so whimsical mathematics for sure.

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Jack In The Box Now Has A Stacked Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day is whole lifestyle for most people. Tucking into a loaded plate of eggs, carbs, meat, and more just seems like the right thing to do if you want to get your day started right.

Jack In The Box is in solidarity with such mantra and understands our morning needs by adding a hefty new option to the menu in the form of the Stacked Croissant Breakfast Sandwich. This husky handheld boasts a flaky croissant bookending a fresh egg (x2), American cheese (x2), grilled ham (x2), and grilled sausage (x2).

It’s a totem of taste that smacks your appetite awake, really.

You can snag the Stacked Croissant at participating Jack in the Box locations nationwide for a limited time.

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Eggo Waffles And Emojis Come Together As New Eggoji Waffles

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s facts. Already been established. But humor can help that meal start off with a light-hearted take and set the tone for a great day. Cue Eggo’s latest innovation, Eggoji waffles.

This latest Eggoji waffle creation takes our favorite emojis and re-imagines them in Eggo waffle form. The result is a breakfast readily built on smiles.

To help those less fortunate, Eggo will be donating up to half a million breakfasts to No Kid Hungry. If you’re looking to lend your own helping hand, fans can use #EggojiNoKidHungry on their social posts. For each hashtag shared, Eggo will donate up to 100 breakfasts to No Kid Hungry from July 12 to August 1, with a maximum donation up to half a million meals.

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Who Wouldn’t Want To Start Their Day With This Breakfast Lasagna?

Immigrant Son Caffé in Ventura, California is no stranger to the viral spotlight. Back in January of 2020, they honored the late and great Kobe Bryant’s tragic death by serving their coffee with images of the Laker great and his daughter, Gianna, as the latté art. The coverage and feedback was tremendous, putting many on to the quaint Ventura cafe.

What may have been overlooked in the fervor of paying the due respects to Bryant, however, is a menu item at Immigrant Son that may be the first of its kind: a breakfast lasagna.

This unique take on lasagna features pasta and frittata serving as the delicious layers, while prosciutto cotto, spinach, a fried egg, and a béchamel marinara join in on the morning festivities. One succinct slice into this carby complex will have your tastebuds feeling at home immediately.

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Breakfast In A Crispy Pancake Roll Is Our Kind of Morning Motivation

Footage of this cheesy ‘good morning’ wrapped in a crispy ‘have a wonderful day’ was captured by @goodeatzco, and the full concept has our breakfast loving minds collectively blown. Described as bacon, eggs & cheese in a crispy pancake roll, this breakfast innovation by Liang Crispy Rolls looks to be an updated take on Chinese jianbing, a traditional street food comparable to crepes.

Liang Crispy Rolls also has other drool-inducing versions like a garlic shrimp crispy roll, kim chi pork belly crispy roll, and marinated beef crispy roll, just to ensure that our salivating selves are well covered for lunch and dinner, too.

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Post Cereal Snacks Take Your Favorite Breakfast On-The-Go

Breakfast is the most versatile meal of the day only for the fact that it can be had at any time! Post rides this wave by re-imagining their robust lineup of iconic cereals into snackable bites.

They’re introducing PEBBLES Crisps and Honeycomb Big Bites cereal snacks. PEBBLES Crisps, are comparable to the size of a potato chip, come in both Fruity and Cocoa PEBBLES flavors and are gluten-free. Honeycomb Big Bites are about twice as big as the original Honeycomb cereal shape — the better to flip into your mouth without it bouncing off your forehead amiright?

Post Cereal Snacks can be found in the cereal aisle of grocery stores nationwide.

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McDonald’s Tests Crispy Chicken And Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

Not too long ago, McDonald’s brought back the crispy chicken to its breakfast menus. It looks like the options are expanding for the lauded protein — at least in the testing stages. 

Brand Eating reports that McDonald’s has begun testing a Cripsy Chicken and Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

The new sandwich features the chain’s crispy chicken filet, butter, honey sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, and the customer’s choice of an English Muffin or a biscuit. 

Currently, the sandwiches are available at select McDonald’s locations in Sacramento and Stockton, CA.