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ZPizza Has A New Meaning For The Term ‘Wake & Bake’ And It’s Delicious

For years, the term “wake and bake” has been used to describe a very specific activity.  While the term might stir up a bit of controversy, Southern California- based pizza chain, Zpizza, is pairing the eyebrow raising adage with an exclusive, limited time breakfast pizza that will literally make you want to Wake And Bake.

It’s starts with Zpizza’s signature dough, that’s topped with melty mozzarella and cheddar, roasted Yukon potatoes, and bacon. Still, there’s one element that truly takes this Oozefest item to the next level — it’s topped with a poached egg.

This take on breakfast is so good that it might leave you with your eyes red. But, keep in mind that it’s only available at Oozefest 3, FOODBEAST’s third annual All YOU CAN CONSUME BEER & CHEESE Festival Saturday, Oct. 14.

For more information on OOZEFEST, or to purchase tickets head to Zpizza fans can use code “wakeandbake” at checkout for $5.00 off tickets!

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This Pizza Company Will Change The Way You Eat Breakfast

Let’s face it, eating the same thing for breakfast everyday can be monotonous, whether it’s oatmeal, banana, berries, yogurt, sugary cereal, or – if we’re blessed with a few extra minutes in the morning – a plate of scrambled eggs.

Well, thanks to Real Good Pizza, breakfast has become sacred once again. Introducing: the world’s first breakfast pizza you can feel good about eating! With only 4 grams of carbs and packed with 25 grams of protein, you can enjoy Real Good Pizza for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Real Good Pizza breakfast pizzas are now available in bacon, sausage, and pepperoni, and can be shipped directly to your doorstep or found in select specialty nutrition stores. Use the code ‘FOODBEAST’ to get $10 off on your order.

With a delicious white cheddar sauce, topped with scrambled eggs, all-natural mozzarella cheese, and your choice of savory topping, these new breakfast pizzas are the tastiest way to get your morning started – the best part is they’re ready in only two minutes!

Talk about waking up on the right side of the bed.  

Created in partnership with Real Good Pizza


Bacon Apple Swiss Breakfast Pizza


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Pizza Hut’s Unofficial Breakfast Pizza: The Aftermath

Uploaded a few hours ago to the company’s Facebook page, The Aftermath is an apparent one-off breakfast pizza that everyone and their mom wishes was a reality, from Pizza Hut, or otherwise. The description attached to the uploaded photo, from a company representative running their social media account, is quoted “Wish we had it on the menu.

The thin crust pizza is littered with bacon, sausage, hash browns, fried eggs and gravy. We’ve seen other, more realistic, interpretations of a breakfast pizza in the past. One of those instances included a September 2010 citing of a breakfast pizza at Domino’s, followed by a homemade breakfast pizza in June of the same year.

Maybe if we made enough noise, a breakfast pizza could possibly see the light of day on Pizza Hut’s international menu? We can dream, right?