Star Trek Pancakes, So You Can Wake Up to Spock Drizzled in Syrup

Or a panKirk. Or a… panKov. Or… an… Uhura… flapjack. You get the point. These are pancakes. And they look like the original Star Trek characters. No Piccakes (… panCards? Other pancake + Picard puns?) to be found here, but the rest of the cast, from McCoy, right on down to Sulu, salutes you in starchy, maple-syruped form. Trekkies have illustrator/pancake artist Nathan Shields to thank for this.

Yes, that’s right. A pancake artist. What, did you not know that was a thing? You’re welcome.

via Neatorama/photo courtesy Saipancakes

Fast Food

Dunkin’ Donut’s Smokehouse Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Dunkin’ Donuts adds yet another hearty sandwich to their breakfast line with their new Smokehouse Sausage sandwich. This loaded breakfast on a bun comes fully equipped with a Hilshire Farm smoked sausage link along with egg and cheese atop an english muffin bun. Get em while they’re hot at your local participating Dunkin’ Donuts fellow FOODBEASTs!



Bacon Cinnamon Roll

This particular pastry might have the flavor to answer the dilemma of those who like a little saltiness with a normally abundantly sweet breakfast. We’re looking at a cinnamon roll that is enjoying a nice sliver of bacon in the mix. Game changer? You be the judge, here’s the recipe.