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Carl’s Jr. Adds Breakfast-Heavy PRIME RIB Menu To Their Lineup

Photo courtesy of Carl’s Jr.

Prime rib normally isn’t a meat option you would consider at a fast food chain. The only major chains that have had it on the menu in their past are Arby’s, Quiznos, and Boston Market.

Carl’s Jr. has decided to join that list with their own take on the roast meat. That spin involves a heavy blending of prime rib and breakfast foods.

This includes the above Prime Rib Breakfast Burrito, which takes slow cooked prime rib and wraps it up with eggs, salsa, and cheese. At Hardee’s, the sister chain to Carl’s Jr., salsa is not included in the burrito.

Photo courtesy of Carl’s Jr.

The other breakfast offering Carl’s Jr. is putting prime rib on is a breakfast biscuit, which gets Swiss cheese and a fried egg loaded on top. Hardee’s has an identical version on their menu as well.

Photo courtesy of Carl’s Jr.

Outside of the breakfast offerings, Carl’s and Hardee’s are also putting a Prime Rib Thickburger on their menu. Prime rib and a beef patty are joined by caramelized onions and cheddar sauce in this loaded hybrid.

All of the prime rib is cooked sous vide, a method you normally wouldn’t associate with fast food. However, it does ensure a tender and even cooking to an entire cut of beef, and should translate into what Carl’s and Hardee’s are offering.

The entire prime rib menu, including the breakfast options, are available for a limited time.

Fast Food Recipes

In-N-Out Burger Breakfast Burrito Unveiled In Recipe Competition

Like pizza, a burrito is a blank canvas that can house pretty much any combination of flavors you can dream of. 

This latest Foodbeast Recipe Challenge has chefs wrapping up their ultimate burrito recipes. It features an entire In-N-Out Combo combined with scrambled eggs. 

Yup, Foodbeast Elie Ayrouth, the guy who made the In-N-Out Pie a few years back, is at it again, combining his two loves (In-N-Out and Breakfast Burritos) into a single handheld cylinder of delight.

Check out exactly how Elie pulls this off in the video above. Sadly, it’s not something you’ll find on In-N-Out’s secret menu any time soon, so you might as well try it out at home!

Other chefs participating in this Burrito Recipe Challenge include Jenny (@HappyBelliesByJenny), Rudy (@Rudeluv), Myself (@Pham_Bot), Costa (@Constantine_Spy), and Jem (@JemSanTheFoodGod). 

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Taco Bell Debuts Three New TOASTED Breakfast Burritos

Taco Bell has carved a lane for themselves in the fast food breakfast game by continually introducing new items to its morning menu since its launch in 2014. Keeping this momentum, The Bell will roll out three new breakfast burritos on March 12: the Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito, the Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito and the Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito.

Shown in our newest News Bites, the Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito keeps it true to Taco Bell by using its signature nacho cheese along with a classic combo of egg and sausage, and only costs $1.

The Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito is carried by an entire hash brown patty inside of it, but also has eggs, a three cheese blend, and your choice of sausage or bacon.

The Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito is a beast of a burrito. It comes with eggs, a three cheese blend, fresh pico de gallo, potato bites, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or steak — making it one of the most hefty and most satisfying things on the breakfast menu.

Now, Taco Bell has indeed had breakfast burritos before, but this is their first time introducing this toasted burrito lineup. And, realistically, crisping up the tortilla and melting the cheese automatically makes any breakfast burrito 50% better, at the very least. Trust me, this math is tried and true, so I’m here for the toasting.

Like anything at The Bell, what’s actually listed as the ingredients on the menu won’t limit customization. So, naturally, resident Foodbeast Elie Ayrouth got a tip to put the Cinnabon Delights inside the burritos, to which he immediately obliged. Lo and behold, out came three breakfast burritos brimming with those lustfully sweet balls of cinnamon. Don’t ask why, just do it.

If you want to peep what a breakfast burrito looks like with Cinnabon Delights stuffed inside it, or just want to catch a view of the new items, check the video embedded above.

Created in partnership with Taco Bell. 

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Yes, Nashville Hot Chicken Breakfast Burritos Exist

Nashville hot chicken has exploded in recent years, leaving ample room for chefs to experiment with the regional specialty. Featured in our latest News Bites, one of the most exciting creations is something that could’ve only been made in California: the Nashville Hot Breakfast Burrito from Cluck & Blaze in Long Beach.

As with most great dishes, they’ve kept the ingredients list simple: cheese, egg, tater tots, ‘comeback sauce’, and, of course, chicken tenders. What’s unique is their preparation, with the 360-degree cheese and egg skirt being the most visually striking element here.

By placing what equals to an unflipped omelet over a cheese-topped tortilla, the tots, tenders, and sauce are ensnared by a three-headed snake the likes of which can be akin to the 2017 Golden State Warriors.

These aren’t your average fair chicken tenders either. These guys are hefty, like if you actually deboned a chicken breast.

After getting a light slathering of oil, the tenders are covered in a smokey spice mix and chopped into bit-sized pieces. The mix comes in five varying levels of heat: Chicken?!, You Can Do Better, Better!, Feel It Twice, Call Mom, and Call the Morgue. I’ll let you take a guess at which one is the spiciest.

The whole thing is then doused in ‘comeback sauce’, which is Cluck & Blaze’s house sauce that’s made with a secret blend of spices.

Unsurprisingly, the five instruments of flavor work in harmony like it’s that one four-second part of a song where the melody hits just right. With fluffy egg, gooey cheese, crispy tots, and hot chicken in every bite, it’s hard to imagine where this could’ve gone wrong, and how someone hasn’t done this before. It’s a unique take on hot chicken, one that separates itself from the pack of sandwiches that have come to represent hot chicken’s supposed height.

It’s real height comes in the form of the Foodbeast-sized burrito shown below. Ask for the Foodbeast version, and Cluck & Blaze will chef up a burrito fit for Man Vs. Food. With double the egg, cheese, tots, sauce, and, tenders, this thing could feed three with ease.

Hats off to Cluck & Blaze, and check out the video to catch an in-depth look at this unique item and it’s gargantuan sibling.

Created in Partnership with Cluck & Blaze. 

Theme Parks

Disneyland Launches Deep Fried Breakfast Burritos

Photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog

Disneyland regulars have probably had their fair share of breakfast burritos at Galactic Grill, and they’ve probably had a chimichanga or two throughout the park, but now both worlds are colliding with the introduction of the Breakfast Chimichanga.

The deep-fried breakfast burrito is being sold at the food cart near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, according to Disney Food Blog, as this is one of the first glimpses of the new food item.

Photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog

The Breakfast Chimichanga is filled with the basic breakfast burrito lineup of eggs, bacon and cheese, before being tossed in a deep fryer to get that nice crunchy outer layer.

Would it be nice to have a hash brown thrown in, and maybe some sausage? Sure, but are you really going to say no to a deep-fried breakfast burrito to munch on before hitting up Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?

The chimichanga is reportedly priced at $5.92 after taxes, which is a pretty decent price for any burrito, let alone one sold in a theme park.

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We Built A 30-Pound Breakfast Burrito To Feed Our Entire Soccer Watch Party

One of the biggest tournaments in sports is now live, meaning it’s time to gather up the crew and watch the games. The Foodbeast squad just did that for one of the first matches, and we added an epic food twist into the mix.

Foodbeasts Elie Ayrouth and Marc Kharrat got everything they needed for the watch party at Northgate Market, an emporium of Mexican foods and essentials. Since most of the contests air during the morning in our area, breakfast was the name of the game for the festivities.

The party was elevated to Foodbeast status with this MASSIVE 30-pound breakfast burrito. The above picture shows what went inside, but doesn’t do the full size complete justice.

Yea, it was massive.

The whole thing was masterfully wrapped thanks to the help of burrito maestros Armen Martirosyan from @eatbearded and Anthony Andrade from @dradevsfood.

There was also a custom fondue using a plethora of different cheeses and a literal sheet of chicharrón.

To drink, there were jugs of watermelon and cucumber lime agua fresca infused with tequila and vodka.

Finally, for dessert, there was a cake and plenty of cupcakes themed around association football to celebrate the big tournament.

Elie and Marc made the most of every part of Northgate to make each of the items happen. Nearly the entire breakfast hot food bar, including huevos con nopales and chile rellenos, went into the burrito, alongside an entire log of chorizo sausage and piles of marinated Mexican meats.

The fondue contained almost every cheese Northgate had to offer, and Elie and Marc went and bought entire jugs of agua fresca to mix some alcohol into for the watch party.

They even managed to snag a ton of jerseys, balls, and flags to ensure that the decor and attire were as on point as the food.

Bringing everything together made for an epic watch party that was as much about the food as it was the beautiful game. I know that in the weeks to come, we’re all gonna be talking as much about the tournament as we are that behemoth of a breakfast burrito.

You can view the entire process of how everything came together in the above video displaying Foodbeast’s latest episode of Going In, a new Facebook Watch and YouTube show. If you’re down to recreate the whole experience for yourself, you can find your nearest Northgate Market by clicking here.

Created in partnership with Northgate Markets


2016’s Best Breakfast Burrito Is Wrapped In Bacon And Topped With Strawberry Salsa

Cafe Calacas sits on a quaint corner across the street from The Ronald Reagan Federal Building in the Historic Arts District of Downtown Santa Ana, surrounded by the city’s historic Art Deco-era style architecture. However, just by looking at the traditional, Dia de Los Muertos-themed storefront, you wouldn’t be able to tell how far the quaint eatery is pushing the limits of traditional Mexican cuisine.

Even though there’s still a few weeks left in the year, Cafe Calacas’ strawberry guilallo salsa topped, bacon-wrapped breakfast burrito takes the prize for the best breakfast burrito of 2016.

The creators of the queso fundido chorizo brioche donut have debuted another breakfast delicacy, that could very well shame any other breakfast burritos out of existence.

Starting with their El Famoso Breakfast Burrito, which is served with your choice of ham, bacon or sausage, Calacas neatly wraps the El Famoso in a brown sugar and syrup glazed-bacon and grills the it to perfection.

To top it off, a nice thick layer of Cafe Calacas’ strawberry guilallo salsa and guacamole are added. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, it should be.

Currently, the strawberry guilallo salsa topped, bacon-wrapped breakfast burrito is only available at the cafe during brunch time once a week, on Sundays. Should be plenty of time for you to mark your calendars to take on this champ of a burrito.


Del Taco Has A Chicken Soft Breakfast Burrito I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Don’t sleep on this breakfast burrito, don’t you even dare. When it comes to wrapping breakfast in a tortilla, I’m just as snobby as any other full-blooded Californian with a penchant for championing the So Cal region as having the best Mexican food outside of… well, Mexico. 

Let it be known, one of the best breakfast burritos you’ll ever have will now come from Del Taco… and it’s all thanks to something that is not on their breakfast menu: the Chicken Soft Taco. Yes, the same Chicken Soft Taco that people can’t get on the East Coast, the same seemingly simple medley of warm tortilla, grilled chicken, shredded lettuce, grated cheese and cool secret sauce. 

I’m gonna show you how to order the off menu Chicken Soft Taco Breakfast Burrito, because for some weird reason, Del Taco hasn’t put 2 + 2 together and realized this is one of the greatest breakfast burritos experiences you’ll ever have. Go ahead, grab your pitchforks and join me on inducing a food orgasm so strong it’ll reverberate through your own body and the bodies of your last two lovers.


Every Sunday, I find great pleasure in hunting down a new breakfast burrito. It’s this weekly journey that has led me to find gems like the Doughrito from Orange County’s Surfin’ Donuts, and has even led me to experiment at home on things like the In-N-Out Breakfast Burrito.

Today, it has led me to Del Taco to try out what a few people in my circle of friends have recommended as the Chicken Soft Taco Breakfast Burrito.

For any fan of Del Taco, you’re likely also a die-hard advocate of their Chicken Soft Tacos. They’re the most defining item on the Del Taco menu. Their appeal lies in that it is simple, potentially offensive to snobby taco purists, yet unabashedly delicious. Here’s what it looks like if you’ve never seen one:



Ordering this in breakfast burrito format is quite simple. Put in an order for a Carne Asada Epic Scrambler, which by default comes with their fresh scrambled eggs, pico de gallo salsa, cheddar cheese, zesty red sauce, and hash brown sticks. Then the custom order comes in, ask for additional chicken, white sauce, and lettuce. Whoever is ringing you up will look at you sideways, not because they can’t make it for you, but mainly because they haven’t thought of it first.

And there you have it. A wondrous, massive breakfast burrito filled with an array of different accoutrements that make breakfast burritos such a euphoric treat to begin with. On top of that, remember how special the item you just ordered is.

This Chicken Soft Breakfast Burrito is defined as such: the fluff of scrambled eggs, the crunch of hash browns, the tang of the red sauce, the cool of the white sauce, the spice of the grilled chicken, the girth of the carne asada, the refreshing cool of the shredded lettuce, the melt of the cheese throughout, all pouring down your mouth with every last bite. 

Keep enjoying your favorite breakfast burrito spots, but don’t miss out on a wrapped-breakfast experience that you essentially can only experience at a Del Taco. It’s David Blaine magical: