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How Foodbeasts Around The World Champion Their Breakfast

Breakfast is the essential morning kickstart our bodies need to refuel and recharge so that we have the energy to power through the day ahead. While we could just go for the basics and load up on the 87, many of us like to go for special fuels and craft the morning meal we don’t just need, but deserve.

Whether it’s a loaded cheeseburger breakfast burrito, or some scratch-made waffles with syrup, we know how to treat ourselves when it comes to morning meals. Below is just a smattering of the dope breakfasts all you fellow Foodbeasts have shared with us, whether it be from a local restaurant or your own culinary wizardry.

It’s a global affair of morning fare that may inspire you to try something new or different the next time you wake up. Or it could just be an insane collection of soothing, oozy egg yolk porn to help you get through the rest of your day.

Cheese-Crusted Breakfast Burrito


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Low Key Burritos adds a cheesy blanket of deliciousness to a breakfast staple in the Los Angeles area. With a layer of melted cheese that’s both crispy and gooey at the same time, the intense flavors provide a whole new dimension to what’s possible with breakfast burritos.

Creme Brulee Cupcakes


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This blend of creme brulee and cupcake can be found at Molly’s in New York City, and they recommend you eat this within an hour of ordering. Personally, I could see myself scarfing down the entire thing within seconds of receiving it, although I’d spend a little extra time enjoying the shattering crunch of that caramelized sugar on top. Technically, this creme brulee counts as breakfast, right?

Shrimp Tempura Benny


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Treating yourself in Vegas can mean many things. Spending hours at the slots, enjoying a fancy steak, or perhaps going in on a juicy, delectable fried shrimp benedict. Found at the aptly named SKINNYFATS, it comes with a spicy buffalo hollandaise and is served on buttermilk biscuits, providing plenty of fatty and greasy goodness to help sort out whatever level of hangover hell you’re pushing through.

Crepe Bretonne


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This breakfast hails from Lower Brittany, and has become popular across France along with other European countries. Featuring a buckwheat crepe and the possibility of sweet or savory toppings, Instagrammer @elena.nti loaded hers up with ham, cheese, and a perfectly runny egg that altogether screams “comfort food.”

Egg Bagel Sandwich, Food Baby Approved


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They may not have the teeth to bite into this yet, but even babies can appreciate the deliciousness of Brooklyn-based Hunky Dory’s breakfast egg bagel. Instagrammer @foodbabyny’s kids clearly already have refined palates, as they’re locked in on the intense aromas of grated cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula that come loaded into this sandwich.

Pork And Plantain Hash Sandwich


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The streets of downtown Los Angeles are home to Don Francisco Coffee’s Casa Cubana. The local roasters put the same attention to detail in their breakfast menu as they do their brew, with this pork and plantain hash sandwich being one of the cafe’s culinary crown jewels.

Dim Sum In Glasgow


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With the world as connected as it is, you can find cuisines from around the world in places you may not expect at first. Case in point, would you expect to find traditional Chinese dim sum in the middle of Edinburgh, Scotland? The pieces of cheung fun (rice noodles) encasing crispy strips of youtiao (Fried dough) are especially appealing to my stomach.

Thick Sausage Patty Sandwiches


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There’s something mesmerizing about the drippy, juicy sausage patty serving as the base to this breakfast sandwich. Is it the size of three regular sausage patties, or the way the cheese drapes over an almost transparent blanket of flavor? Whatever the reason may be, I’m drooling just staring at this breakfast sandwich from Due West in New York City.

Giant Cinnamon Rolls


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This cinnamon roll is the actual definition of “Go big or go home.” In the case of Florida Instagram user @soflofooodie, they went really, REALLY massive with this gigantic cinnamon roll. As huge as it is, though, it still manages to remain a work of art that looks simply gorgeous.

Breakfast Roti


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Head to Makati City in the Philippines, and you’ll come across a place called Roti Shop that’s turning the flatbread into a ton of creative eats. This breakfast, for example, features a fried egg on top of murtabak, a roti that’s stuffed with your choice of filling (corned beef, lamb, veggies, tuna, amongst others). Definitely a dish to add to anyone’s “must-try” list.

Beautiful Breakfast Waffles


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It’s fitting that this plate of waffles, syrup, and fruit comes to us from the Museum District of Richmond, Virginia. Based on the above photo, it looks like this breakfast should belong in some type of gallery.

Artistic Full English Breakfasts In Thessaloniki


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Who says you can’t find an amazing Full English Breakfast outside of the UK? This one was spotted in Thessaloniki, Greece, and comes with a sausage expertly cut in multiple directions to add levels of crispy texture. With bacon, beans, eggs, and plenty of potatoes, this is truly a complete meal.

Vibrant Plantain-Stuffed Breakfast Burritos

Who knew a breakfast burrito could look so kaleidoscopic? With the plantains, rice, and everything else going on in here, this “El tradicional” from La Pupusa in Downtown Los Angeles is an ideal morning meal to add to your Instagram feed.

Savory-Meets-Sweet Breakfast Sammie


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If you can’t choose between sweet or savory for breakfast, finding the options that satisfy both cravings are like a gold mine. Case in point, this “Lean Cuisine” sandwich from Dear Mama Coffee in New York City. It’s got homemade breakfast sausage, soft scrambled eggs, and a blueberry serrano jam inside of two fluffy pancakes for a tasty explosion of flavor.

Epic Turkish Breakfast Spread


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Now THIS is what I call an epic breakfast spread. Put together by Turkish food Instagrammer Burak Özdemir, it’s got everything you’d dream of for breakfast: Eggs, meat, pastries, cheeses, fresh produce… truly a Foodbeast-worthy meal perfect for the whole gang.

Mangu Tres Golpes


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Mangu Tres Golpes is a Dominican breakfast that consists of mashed plantains, Dominican salami, fried cheese, and crispy, sunny-side-up eggs. For those not able to head to the Dominican Republic to track this down, you can find this particular plate at Mambo’s Dominican Kitchen in Chandler, Arizona.