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This Chef Broke Down In Tears After Trying Gordon Ramsay’s Food

I’ve yet to try Gordon Ramsay’s cooking, but sources close to our hearts say it’s phenomenal. In fact, his food was powerful enough to bring an experienced chef to tears.

In a classic episode of Hotel Hell, chef Ramsay visits The Keating where he addresses the hotel’s many problems and tries to get them back on their feet and on the right track. One issue in particular was the hotel’s restaurant menu.

As Ramsay settles in the kitchen to help light a fire under the hotel’s head chef, he prepares a few dishes for the seasoned maestro of meals to consider for his patrons. Upon trying his first bite of Ramsay’s cooking, however, the chef breaks down into tears.

Check out the emotional snippet from the Hotel Hell episode. We’d probably break down too if we finally got to try Gordon Ramsay’s cooking.


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