Olive Garden’s Breadstick Bouquets Return For Valentine’s Day

olive garden breadstick bouquet

If you haven’t made those all too necessary Valentine’s Day plans yet, don’t stress because Olive Garden has your back (and your wallet) with a to-go dinner for two special, so you can get back to more important things planned for the evening. And if you’re lovers of their breadsticks (who isn’t), then it’s about to be a celebration!

Starting February 13, Olive Garden’s 3-course special includes your choice of soup or salad, a shareable entree of their Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno or Chicken Alfredo, or your choice of tiramisu or mousse cake, and a box of after dinner mints. Of course, you can’t leave without a bouquet of fresh breadsticks. Flowers are played out anyway!

Pasta, breadsticks… its hard to imagine a more perfect way to carbo-load for that marathon you two had planned, right?

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Olive Garden Is Dishing Out ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ Versions Of Their Classics


Who’s down to crush some endless pasta? Olive Garden is introducing a new limited-time Never Ending Classics deal, reports Brand Eating.

Starting at $11.99 (prices fluctuate depending on the dish), the casual dining restaurant chain will let diners choose from a handful of their most popular dishes and pack in as much pasta as their bellies can handle. Dishes include: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Fettuccine Alfredo, Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Parmigiana, and Lasagna Classico.

Typically, they’ll give you a pretty hefty first bowl and refill you with smaller portions as to not waste any food. Patrons will also get to have their fill of soup or salad, as well as Olive Garden’s breadsticks while they chow down.

The Never Ending Classic special will be around until March 6. Seriously though, who’s down. Don’t want to go alone.

Photo: Olive Garden


BREADSTICK Sandwiches Soon To Arrive At Olive Garden


For anyone who says they can live off of Olive Garden’s signature breadsticks, you’re in luck.

Business Insider reports that the Italian-themed restaurant chain will begin serving sandwiches made from its signature breadsticks. This report was further supported by a tweet from Olive Garden featuring a look at the new breadstick sandwich.

The sandwich appears to feature chicken, marinara and cheese wedged between two breadsticks. While Olive Garden doesn’t flat-out say it, we’re pretty sure it’s a chicken parmesan sammie. The sandwich looks like it’ll be available as a meal complete with fries and a dipping sauce.

Expect to see the new breadstick-inspired sandwich sometime this summer.


Olive Garden Pasta Guy Has Eaten 95 Bowls in Six Weeks


Six weeks ago, after Olive Garden offered 1,000 customers “Never Ending Pasta Passes,” a North Carolina man pledged to eat at the Italian chain every day until the pass expired. Quite the ambitious enterprise. Alan Martin, who documents his experience on his blog All of Garden, had bought the pass in September for $100.

Since then, he’s definitely made the most of it. According to WGHP, Martin has eaten 95 Olive Garden pasta plates over the course of 44 days. He’s said to have ordered $1,510 in food up until this point, well over his $100 purchase.

Martin said that he would love to be the one who ate the most out of the 1,000 individuals who purchased a pass. So far, Martin has eaten at least twice a day at Olive Garden, sometimes three. The pass allows a customer to order any pasta, bread, salad and Coca-Cola beverages they can handle over the seven-week promotion.

Looks like you’re well on your way, sir.



Behold: The Octopizza with Tentacle Breadsticks


As instructables user donedirtcheap explains, eating pizza by its triangular pointy ends is so passé and normal breadsticks are awfully boring. So, what’s the perfect solution to turning these traditional food items into something more riveting? Make an Octopizza Pie, of course.

The recipe calls for pepperoni suckers slapped onto tentacle-shaped breadsticks and a pizza pie filled with a center oozing with cheese and tomato sauce. Simply break, dip and eat.

Note: No Octopus were harmed for this recipe.

H/T Instructables

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Nutella Snack and Drink

You are not hallucinating. We are indeed behind the times in our local grocery stores and super markets by not having this product on shelves. This particular flavor tray, is made by Ferrero and contains three compartments. The sections are filled with bread-sticks, chocolate and hazelnut Nutella and a third compartment with iced tea to cleanse the palate. Perfect for on-the-go snacking. Whaaaaaat? (PicThx MyConey)