Bodum Bistro Toaster

“The toaster is often overlooked in terms of sleek style, but the Bodum Bistro Toaster makes a convincing case. Exclusive to Crate and Barrel, the 2 slice brushed chrome toaster has a built-in warming rack and removable crumb tray—which is great because have you ever looked inside your current toaster. Nasty.” (Thx Cool Material)


10,000kg Loaf of Bread

Approximately 2300 bakers came together a few days ago to piece create this 1600m long piece of bread, weighing in at close to 10,000kg. With the use of 6600kg of flour, 3000kg of butter and 1500 liters of milk, the humongous piece of bread will be shared among 200,000 people gathered to celebrate the nativity of the Bible’s Three Wise Men. This feat took place at the central Zocalo square in Mexico City. (Thx News)

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Leftover Mini Turkey Sandwiches

Ernest Hemingway said “Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. Life is a constant feast, so dig in.” With that said, I ventured into making my favorite thing following the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving; Leftover Mini Turkey Sandwiches. Come with me into this magical wonderland and witness the greatness.