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Adults Keep Brawling At This Rowdy Chuck E. Cheese’s In Massachusetts

Chuck E. Cheese’s seems to be the hot spot for Worldstar-level fights, as adults seemingly can’t handle the childish atmosphere, and snap at the sight of bratty kids screaming and crying all night.

We’ve seen fights at Chuck E. Cheese’s a fair amount of times, but this particular Massachusetts restaurant had two incidents within two months, which may or may not be surprising.

The most recent dust up happened Monday, as two people were hospitalized after a fight that involved tossed objects that may have busted someone’s eyebrow, according to FOX 25.

One of the employees tried to stop the fight, but it was too late as a pregnant woman had her eyebrow cut, with blood gushing out of it.

As unfortunate as this incident was, exactly two months before this fight, there were five drunk people arrested at this same Chuck E. Cheese’s. The worst part, that Chuck E. Cheese’s doesn’t even sell alcohol, but these assholes brought in their own before starting a brawl.

This one got so bad, that police officers were actually punched and kicked by the intoxicated guests.

Can you imagine how lit this place would be if they actually sold alcohol?

These altercations might pale in comparison to the 50-person brawl that went down at a separate Pittsburgh Chuck E. Cheese’s, but I wouldn’t blame anyone who stays far away from any Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Last thing you want at little Jimmy’s birthday party is a crazy brawl. Or maybe that’s exactly what you want. I don’t know, live your life, bro.

h/t Consumerist