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Intense IHOP Brawl SHUT DOWN By Taser-Wielding Officer [WATCH]

Things can get heated at late night restaurant establishments, if last year’s Denny’s story was any indication. While a brawl isn’t anything too unusual, especially in Florida, what’s unique about this video is how one police sergeant responded to the call in this viral video, reports BroBible.

In the first couple minutes, officers try with little success to calm the restaurant crowd after a handful of women were fighting. Around the 2:20 mark, another officer storms the restaurant and brings everyone to the ground with the threat of a taser and some necessary force.

Though some might consider his approach aggressive, Police tactics expert David Gossi points out that he used no unnecessary physical force in a situation where the police were outnumbered. Gossi did add however, according to WINK News, that the sergeant’s language was inappropriate.

Sucks for the patrons just trying to enjoy some late-night pancakes. Those new Sticky Bun Waffles are pretty damn good.

What did you think of the officer’s actions in this situation? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

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Watch These Families Start A Massive Brawl At A Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s seems to be a hot bed for ratchetry, and it’s understandable. No one really wants to be there. Their pizza might be fire, but other than that, it’s musty, smells like feet and ass, and you’re probably around people you hate, just to celebrate some asshole little kid’s birthday.

Video of a brawl was posted to Twitter by Krystel Jimenez, as a group of Floridians lost their cool after some dirty looks were given, and families didn’t appreciate it, according to the Miami Herald.

A Chuck E. Cheese’s spokesman told WSVN 7 News that “an argument between two guests escalated into a physical altercation.”

Thank you, Chuck. We can see that.

This was a good old fashioned baseball-style brawl where four or five different fights were going on at the same time, and everyone was just jumping around, trying to get a piece of anyone they could get their hands on.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen things go down at the kids restaurant, as an even bigger, 50-person brawl broke out in a Pittsburgh Chuck E. Cheese’s once.

Thankfully, it looked like no kids got caught in the crossfire, although you do see a little girl run across the bottom of the screen, trying the get the heck out of there.

h/t brobible

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‘Jon Snow’ Got Into A Brawl At McDonald’s Before His Game Of Thrones Audition

We’re still freaking out over last Sunday’s Game of Thrones finale. While we’re stuck waiting nearly a year for the new season, W Magazine gives us a personal look at Kit Harrington, the actor who plays the popular Jon Snow.

There have been so many restaurant brawls that show up in media and, in the video interview, Harrington admits he himself had been a part of one that took place at a McDonald’s. In fact, it happened the night before his Game of Thrones audition.

Check out W Magazine’s video where he talks about showing up to his audition with a black eye.

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Watch This Entire IHOP Staff Brawl With Each Other Inside The Resturant While A Baby Looks On

When people think of breakfast time brawls, the Waffle House probably comes to mind, but not this time. This time, it went down at an IHOP in Whitehaven, Tenn., and the ENTIRE STAFF was involved.

The incident was caught on film and shows several female employees throwing blows, swinging chairs at one another. All while a baby cried feet away, no less.

Reports confirmed that two sisters, Janika Nellums and Shanika Strickland, were arrested on assault and vandalism charges Saturday June 19, after the brawl.

Memphis-based, WMC Action News reported that an argument broke out inside the restaurant and incited the brawl, which spilled into several parts of the restaurant.

This brawl occurred during actual business hours and several customers were inside while the staff was yelling obscenities and fighting among themselves. During the altercation (1:10 minutes into the video) one of the women picked up a high-chair and tried to break it over the head of another women. Then, in retaliation, (1:20 mark) another women  grabbed a butter knife and began slashing it wildly into the crowd. A man can even be heard shouting, “She’s got a knife! She’s got a knife!”

At least two employees are seen holding a baby during the altercation, the baby can be heard crying throughout the entire video.


Idiot Waffle House Customer Calls Juvenile’s Wife A “Ho”, Gets Beat Up

As you may know, there’s always crazy shit going down at Waffle House locations around the county. From celebrity brawls to (now former) employees caught on camera washing their dreadlocks in the kitchen sink, the list seems to go on and on.

CashMoney Records rapper Juvenile has become the latest entry on the list of celebrity Waffle House brawlers when he and another member of his crew were caught on camera trading blows inside with another customer.

The shaky video obtained by TMZ, which is really just a video recording of another video, shows a group of people entering the dining area of the Waffle House. Several sources, including, describe a customer exchanging words with Juve’s posse.

Upon Juve The Great‘s arrival, NOLA and TMZ reported, that a man inside the establishment began saying disrespectful things toward the women in the group. One of the women happened to be Juve’s wife.

“Juvenile here, here come all the hos now.”

After the initial comments, the surveillance video shows Juvenile reacting negatively and being held back by members of his crew. After a second, he gets pushed out of the frame.

Moments later, he runs back into the frame where he is seen — accompanied by another member of his group wearing a green backpack — exchanging blows with the mouthy patron.

It was reported that both Juvenile and the man involved in the altercation left without speaking to police.

Juvenile, whose real name is Terius Gray, is no stranger to run-ins with the law, albeit for very minor offenses. The rapper was arrested in St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans, in 2010 for misdemeanor possession of marijuana, according to He was also arrested in Floria in 2012 for fighting outside of a night club, Billboard reported.

Still, the Waffle House incident could have been easily avoided if the guy talking about “hos” was well-versed on Juvenile’s discography. All he needed to do was take a second to read the first few lines of, “U Understand from his album Tha G-Code.

I ain’t no pussy ass n*gga (ya understand)
I’m a rapper but I’m still a gorilla (ya understand)
I’ll whip ya like the Thrilla Manilla (ya understand)
You gon’ make me have to kill me a n*gga (ya understand) 

You understand?


A Violent 50-Person Fight Broke Out At This Chuck E. Cheese’s [WATCH]

Maybe Chuck E. Cheese’s isn’t the classiest joint in the world, but it’s still a kid’s indoor playground where they should feel safe.

That safe feeling was violated Sunday as a 50-man brawl erupted inside a Pittsburgh Chuck E. Cheese’s, leading to a couple of arrests and a lot of high emotions.

The party involved was celebrating a 1-year-old’s birthday, according to CBS Pittsburgh, and the fight seemed to have started over some baby daddy drama.

Two women reportedly got in an argument in the restaurant. One woman was the child’s mother and the other was the father’s current girlfriend. Eventually, the girlfriend started swinging at the birthday boy’s daddy and police were called.

While everyone in the building probably hovered around the fight, like a baseball brawl, the kid’s dad and the girlfriend were the only ones arrested in the whole mess.

The party kept going, no one was hurt, not even Chuck himself, but there were probably a lot of screaming children, which was probably worse than the fight itself.

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Guys Start Massive Brawl Over A Woman At Argentinian McDonald’s [WATCH]

I didn’t hear anyone yell “World Star!” in Spanish, but maybe someone whispered it as a brawl erupted in an Argentinian McDonald’s.

According to Daily Mail, the brawl allegedly erupted after a guy was getting really friendly with a woman in line and a man scurried in with a disapproving attitude. Apparently things escalated quickly after that as a full-on brawl, with multiple people broke out.

As is customary in these kinds of videos, the skilled videographer didn’t know how to turn the phone horizontally to get a better view of everything going on.


30 People Got Kicked Out Of A Hotel For Fighting Over A Waffle Maker


What began as a squabble over a waffle maker turned into a massive verbal battle that led to 30 people getting kicked out of a hotel, reports MLIVE. According to the Mason County Sheriff’s Department, the incident began early Sunday morning.

One woman approached another woman and asked if she was in line for the waffle maker at the hotel’s breakfast area. When the second woman refused to answer, the first began to make her waffle. The second woman allegedly confronted the first after this and the two began to fight over the waffle.

When officers arrived at the scene, there was a crowd of people fighting over the one waffle maker. Apparently there was a lot of yelling and screaming, though luckily, nothing physical.

The manager of the property asked all the parties involved in the waffle fight to pack up and leave. An officer remained behind until everyone who was a part of the fight had left.