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Pretzel The Size Of A Steering Wheel Is The Carb Load We Deserve

If carbicide is ever the way I go, working my way through a pretzel the size of a car steering wheel is nearing the top of my charts. Which is why a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona would make sense since local beer garden, Brat Haus, is offering such a mammoth snack.

Brat Haus is best known as downtown Scottsdale’s friendly neighborhood watering hole that happens to take pride in the size of their menu items. From cavernous 40-ounce boot-shaped beer steins filled to the brim in local craft beer to massive footlong brats that would make even the most serious of foodies blush, Brat Haus is the type of joint that makes sure you’re leaving stuffed and satisfied. Trust, the giant pretzel is merely the tip of the iceberg. Which is a weird analogy, because you know, Arizona.

And about those suds on tap, they’ve got 28, ranging from local brews to hard-to-find European imports. If you’re not a fan of beer, the “Mega Moscow Mule” with up to 10 shots of vodka should pique your interest.

Scottsdale, you’ve been put on notice: Brat Haus exists in a size matters realm that indulges the inner ‘bigger is better’ voice in all of us.

Fast Food

Wienerschnitzel Adds Grilled Bratwurst For Oktoberfest


With October only a few days away, we’re gearing up to kick off the Oktoberfest celebrations. Wienerschnitzel is celebrating hard this year with two new Grilled Bratwurst offerings.

The hot dog chain crashed our very own lobby earlier and set up a pop-up Wienerschnitzel, complete with grill, inside the building.

We could smell the grilled brats and onions all the way from our desks.


Both Grilled Bratwursts feature a hefty piece of sausage topped with mustard and our choice of sauerkraut or grilled onions. Each are served on a plain hot dog bun.

The bratwurst harkens back to the traditional German dish of veal, pork, or meat sausage.

Wienerschnitzel’s infamous mascot, The Delicious One, even made an appearance. As you can see below, he’s pretty stoked about the new Grilled Brats.


The chain will be offering its Grilled Bratwurst at all participating locations through the month of October. They’ll be available for $2.99 each.





Red Robin Launches Boozy New Oktoberfest Menu, Features An ‘UberBurger’


One of the downsides of the fall is that we have to endure countless entries of pumpkin spice menu items. However, the upside is that we also get a bunch of Oktoberfest-themed menu items as well.

Take Red Robin, for example.The restaurant chain released an entirely new Oktoberfest menu to celebrate the annual celebration.

One of the new items featured on the menu is the UberBurger. The new burger features a half-pound Black Angus patty, candied bacon, OktoberFest-glazed onions, Merkts beer cheese, bratwurst, beer mustard and a toasted pretzel bun.

So…pretty much the embodiment of Oktoberfest jammed into burger form. We can definitely dig this.


Also in the line-up are the Cheesy Beer Brat, a Johnsonville bratwurst topped with roasted garlic aioli, bruschetta, onion, tomato and served on a cheesy baguette. It’s served with a beer cheese dipping sauce.

Then, there’s the Great Northern Poutine Fries. Red Robin’s signature streak fries are topped with a garlic aioli, thick brown gravy, sautéed mushrooms and fried cheese curds.


Hungry yet?

Patrons can find the UberBurger for $14.49, the Cheesy Beer Brat for $9.99 and the Great Northern Poutine Fries for $9.00. The Oktoberfest menu will only be available from now through Nov. 1.




This FIVE-SAUSAGE Corn Dog Gives You A Different Flavor With Every Bite


Brewers fans are familiar with the Milwaukee tradition of five people in sausage costumes running around the baseball diamond. You’ve got bratwurst, chorizo, hot dog, Italian sausage and Polish sausage. This custom is what drew Milwaukee native DudeFoods to create the Racing Sausages Corn Dog.

Nick took a few of each sausage and grilled them up. Once cooked, he diced them into bite-sized chunks and skewered them onto a corn dog stick. Once a dog featuring all five sausages is formed, the stick is dipped in batter and deep fried. When the batter is a nice golden brown, it’s ready to chow on.

Check out his full recipe on DudeFoods where you can also find other insane creations.

Packaged Food

Tombstone Frozen Pizzas Just Added A Sriracha Pie Called ‘DIABLO’ And A Bratwurst One With MUSTARD Sauce


Our earliest memories of eating a Tombstone pizza was a movie night were we rented Pagemaster from Blockbuster. Now, the frozen pizza brand has released two limited flavors that boast boldness at the dinner table.

Tombstone’s new Diablo Pizza is made with spicy chorizo, jalapeños, sweet red peppers, Wisconsin mozzarella cheese and a Sriracha tomato sauce. The Bratwurst Pizza features slices of bratwurst, green bell peppers, onions, Wisconsin mozzarella cheese and a spicy brown mustard tomato sauce.

Available at participating grocers for a limited time only, the pizzas sell for about $4.99 a piece. Each pizza takes about 17-19 minutes to bake in the oven.

Also, what’s Macaulay Culkin up to these days?


This All Bacon, Beer, and Sausage Restaurant Has a Big White Brat(wurst) Called the ‘Justin Bieber’


I’m turning 23 this year, which at this point in my life (and for the purposes of this story) means two things. The first is that I make a surprisingly decent living for doing things I love. The second is that I’m probably too old to laugh at dick jokes.

This was the thought process I ignored as I sat in the brightly lit beer hall known as Kaiser Tiger last week during a business trip to Chicago, gently slicing the tip off a pork sausage called the “Justin Bieber.” Named for being a “big white brat” by co-owner Chris Latchford, it’s a rather impressive thing for having such a lousy namesake. The sausage was supple, yet substantial, dressed in a Munich mustard drizzle and not too-chewy pretzel roll bun. And there I was, giving it a circumcision.

It was a sublimely absurd moment, in an sublimely absurd place. With a top hat-wearing tiger as its mascot and a menu comprised of gems like the Biebs and five pound bacon “bombs,” the Kaiser was prime proof that a good idea is a good idea, whether it’s making a bacon-only restaurant; circumcising your dinner; or poking fun at Canada’s most famous douchebag.

Says Latchford of his Bieber dog, “I’ll probably get sued, but at least I can get good publicity out of it.”

Words to live by, kids. Words to live by.

Check below for more beer and bacon porn:


Bacon Grenades



Mini, deep-fried versions of the “bacon bomb“: beef and pork meatballs wrapped in bacon and beer battered.


Beer and Bacon Flight





Three cuts of bacon paired with three craft beers. From L to R: fatty jowl bacon and a hoppy and citrusy Three Floyds Alpha King American Pale Ale; cracked peppercorn bacon with a spicy Green Flash Road Warrior IPA; and brown sugar bacon with a Green Flash Double Stout. A perfect excuse to drink for bacon lovers, and a perfect excuse to indulge for beer drinkers.


The Justin Bieber



Nowhere as douchey as the original.


Beer Battered Cheesecake

IMG_5030RS IMG_5038RS

Gorgeously deep fried, gorgeously drowning in caramel syrup.



Bratwurst Lollipop


Available in Madison, WI, this Bratwurst Lollipop is a bratwurst patty that’s been dipped in funnel cake batter, fried to golden perfection, and comes served with maple syrup.

PicThx: That’s Nerdalicious 

Fast Food

Burger King Kicks off Football Season With New Bratwurst Sandwich


Apparently Burger King has been offering Bratwurst Sandwiches since September and we were none the wiser.

Geared towards football fans, the sandwich features a butterflied Johnsonville bratwurst sausage, raw white onions and yellow mustard on Burger King’s iconic sesame seed bun.

Currently only offered in Wisconsin and Illinois the new menu item unfortunately doesn’t come paired with an ice cold beer. Bummer.

Available for a limited time the Bratwurst Sandwich is part of the chain’s “2 for $5 Mix & Match Deal” which also includes other popular menu items such as the Whopper, the Original Chicken Sandwich and the Alaskan Fish Sandwich.

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