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Danny McBride Said Salmonella Wouldn’t Stop Him From Eating Chipotle

We all know Danny McBride from his role on the HBO series Eastbound & Down, where he played the foul-mouthed, over-confident, and chauvinistic professional baseball player, Kenny Powers.

Now, co-starring in a new HBO series, Vice Principals with Walton Goggins, GQ spoke with McBride about his success and, “how to sellout the right way.” GQ also spoofed the concept of “sellouts” by dressing him and Goggins up as life-sized, degenerate versions of famous brand icons — like a creepy Ronald McDonald and a shady-looking Hamburglar. My Favorite is the McBride being transformed into the Wendy’s logo.


Considering his body of work, McBride seemed pretty down to earth. In the interview, he spoke candidly about his love for Game of Thrones and Chipotle Burrito Bowls. In fact, he seemed at least generally aware of Chipotle’s recent heath issues, but that didn’t even seem to phase him.

Here’s an excerpt from GQ’s interview with him. You can read the full article here.

GQ: Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark, Game Of Thrones) says Nando’s gives celebrities black cards if you mention them, and she was really trying to get free chicken. The only thing she had to promote was a chicken shop. (Not Game of Thrones, or the X-Men movie she was in.)

“I like that. I’m gonna go get a black card too, except there’s no Nando’s in Los Angeles, is there?”

GQ: I don’t think so, but if you’re a Chipotle fan, I understand they also do the cards.

“They also give you salmonella don’t they?”

GQ: Only sometimes. But if we knew when and how we were going to die, it would take the excitement out of living.

“Yeah, how boring would it be? Salmonella won’t stop me from getting the burrito bowl at Chipotle. I love it.”

Could this be the first celebrity endorsement for Chipotle in the aftermath of their public fallout? If so, we can’t wait for the “Chipotle/Kenny Powers” national marketing campaign. That would actually be cool, he did play in Mexico.

Interestingly enough, he says he doesn’t see himself as much of a pitchman. You would think the HBO star’s success would merit sponsorship opportunities from every direction, but McBride admitted that branding wasn’t his strongest attribute.

GQ: As a celebrity, do you get tons of free swag?

 “I don’t. Heineken sent me a beer keg one time. I don’t think a lot of brands want to be associated with me.”

Here’s some footage of the photoshoot GQ compiled, because an interview with the man who brought Kenny Powers to life isn’t complete without foul-language, alcohol and drug use. Needless to say, it’s NSFW, so watch it on your lunch break.


Fast Food

KFC Is Undergoing A MAJOR Overhaul, They Even Brought Back The COLONEL!


It’s been a hot minute since we last saw the infamous KFC Colonel. The fried-chicken chain is bringing the colonel out of retirement and back into the spotlight in honor of its most recent overhaul.

Thankfully, the iconic Kentuckian didn’t get a modernized, hipster makeover.

In an effort to rebrand the image, KFC is reviving the chicken salesman with a slightly updated look. This goes in hand with KFC’s across the country going through major redesigns of interiors.


Along with the new look of the restaurants, KFC is adding a new items to the menu.  This includes Kentucky Baked Beans (made with baked beans and pieces of shredded chicken), Dole Classic Lemonade and tangy creamy Finger LickinGood Sauce.

Chicken buckets and boxes will also feature a new, updated look.

Like most iconic characters, Harland Sanders has gone through a bit of an evolution throughout the years. The Colonel began as a farmhand, then an army mule-tender, a locomotive fireman, an up-and-coming lawyer, a politician and many other jobs. Though, most of us have just come to know him as the elderly gentleman in an all-white suit.


‘Skinny’ Champagne is a Brilliant, Beautiful Marketing Play


It might be a little too early in the holiday season to be poppin’ bubbly, but for later note, you can totally do it in “diet” now.

Created by former BBC reporter-turned-wine connoisseur Amanda Thomson and French winemaker Alexandre Penet, “Skinny Champagne” is basically bone dry champagne — champagne with no added sugar. For reference, most common champagnes are “brut,” made with up to 12 grams of sugar per liter.

It’s worth nothing, however, that champagne isn’t much of a caloric heavy hitter to begin with, with an average glass weighing in at around 100 calories, versus Skinny’s triumphant 60. But British fashionistas seem to love the stuff anyway.

“The fashion crowd especially loves the idea of drinking fizz with less fat,” Thomson said on the brand’s website, “Momentum for skinny champagne is really growing and I am proud to be the one to launch it.”

It’s also worth noting that dry champagnes have already been growing in popularity over the years, even without Thomson’s help. Still there’s nothing like a bit of branding wizardry to really sell a product. After all, the name “Skinny” does sit easier on the tongue and mind than the boorish-sounding “Ultra-Brut,” or the even more cumbersome “Grand Vin Sans Sucre.”

The next round of Skinny shipments will be available by Mid-November, just in time to wash down all those extra helpings of cranberry and stuffing. Cheers!

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Chiquita Banana Announces 18 New Sticker Designs

Iconic banana brand Chiquita opened its memorable colors and base design to its fans in hopes of garnering a few new interesting looks to label their fruit. Coinciding with their rebranding efforts, Chiquita and fans decided on 18 new user-submitted sticker designs which will begin appearing on bananas in November 2010.