Grilled Cheese Indulgence at ‘The Melt’ [8 Photos]


Now those of you following our adventures know that I have a pretty bad weakness for cheese. My body can’t take it, but my heart longs for it. Fortunately, I gave in to the latter on our recent excursion to The Melt’s location in Irvine.

At the moment, this grilled cheese joint is found only in California and known for their all-natural, indulgent menu. Check out the grilled cheese grub:


The Mac Daddy


A fan favorite, the Mac Daddy features aged cheddar macaroni on white and packs a super hearty taste. Plus, who hasn’t wanted to smash mac and cheese between two grilled buns and just chow down?




The Shorty


Look at this gooey mess of a sandwich. The Shorty sticks to the basics (meat and cheese) and pretty much nails it. It consists of  pepper jack  engulfing a generous serving of braised short ribs.






The Melt’s ordering system deserves a notable mention. Customers can order whatever they want online, drive out to the store, skip the line and scan their QR code. Everything is made to order as soon as the code is scanned so you get the freshest meal possible.

Lactose intolerance aside, I’m looking forward to the next time I stop by for another helping of the Shorty.


The Melt

 73 Fortune Drive

Space 105

Irvine, CA