These 6 Foods Will BOOST Your Creativity [Infographic]

Ever been stuck in a creative rut? We’ve all been there. Turns out there are some foods that can actually help improve your creativity and put you on the path to getting that spark back.

Creative Market put together an infographic that shows six foods known to help boost brainpower and help your juices flow. The six featured are eggs, alcohol, dark chocolate, broccoli, nuts and oats.

Some help with memory while others help increase blood circulation in the brain. Others simply relieve stress. Together, all of these foods help improve your more creative instincts.

Check them out below.



Your Brain on Beer vs Your Brain on Coffee [INFOGRAPHIC]


Drunk writing rocks. You hunker down, rauchbier in hand, and just tell your inner critic to piss the f@#k off. No idea is too silly or too bizarre and as long as you’re not thinking, everything spewing out of your mad little fingers is digital gold. At least, until you wake up tomorrow and find that 1) you forgot to save and 2) even if you did save, there’s no way it was anywhere near as brilliant as you thought – and why is your desktop background that freaking Ylvis fox guy?

You see, what you should have done is followed up that beer with a nice cold press. Apparently when alcohol hits your cerebral cortex — the part of your brain that regulates conscious thought and language — you become more creative, because your brain can’t focus on the things that normally occupy it. When you drink coffee on the other hand, the caffeine binds with your adenosine receptors and prevents you from getting drowsy, thereby making you feel more energized.

In short, beer helps you figure out what sh*t to get done, coffee helps you actually get sh*t done.

The infographic below by I Love Coffee JP breaks down the unique effects both beer and coffee have on your brain, and how best to use them to fit your particular needs. So the next time you’re facing down a creative project, yes, you could spend the night staring at a blank screen, wondering why you can’t think of any good ideas. Or you could go on a bender. Just don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the forest trying to talk to a horse in morse.



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How to Make an Alien Brain Hemorrhage…Shot [VIDEO]

Tired of your average earthly cocktails? Why not make an Alien Brain Hemorrhage? All you have to do is fill a shot glass with peach schnapps about halfway. Then pour in some Bailey’s Irish Cream on top of that so that the shot is practically full. Now, carefully add a little bit of blue curacao. Finally, after everything settles, throw in a couple drops of grenadine syrup.

Then all that’s left to do is to sit back and wait for the ladies to stop by your table and say “Oh, what a cool drink! Can I get your number?”

Okay, maybe that’s pretty unlikely, but at least you have a pretty sick ice breaker.

via: LatinRapper Photo: Martin Williams


Art to Feed Your Brain

Sara Asnaghi is an up and coming sculptor from Milan, Italy. Her work ranges in themes and mediums, however she is identified best by her utilization of various types of food or organic materials such as coffee, sugar, barley, grass, and lentils in her pieces.

Her work entitled “What Have You Got in Your Head?” presents a series of human brains made out of everyday organic materials. Each brain is casted in a mold that allows them to be exactly the same size and shape, however the component of each brain is made out of unique materials that mirror the construction and growth of our very own brains. That sandwich brain looks good — what do you wish your brain was made of? 

Red Pepper Flakes:


from left to right (above): grass, orzo, red pepper flakes, food for canaries, breadcrumbs, black rice, sugar, sprinkles, and hemp seeds