Put This Date Down In Your Calendar For FREE Flame Broiler!!


Flame Broiler fans, get ready to eat some free rice bowls. On December 3, Flame Broiler will be celebrating its Platinum Anniversary. Because of the 20-year celebration, the brand will be giving away a free rice bowl to the first 100 people to show up at any of its 180 locations.

Even better, the first person to step into each Flame Broiler location will get free rice bowls for an entire year. We’d be more than down for that.

The restaurant typically serves four types of boils: beef, chicken, mixed and veggie. Each bowl features a protein, blanched cabbage, broccoli, carrots and green onions on top of a bed of white or brown rice. You can also drown your meat in a special hot sauce or Flame Broiler’s signature Magic Sauce.

Set your calendars and save your stomachs.

Fast Food

Taco Bell Becomes First Fast Food Chain To Launch A Certified Vegetarian Menu


Taco Bell has been dominating the fast food game for the last few years and now they’ve added another accomplishment to their list. The company has now become the first quick service restaurant chain to feature the American Vegetarian Association’s approval on vegetarian menu items.

Business Wire reports that the fast food company will now boast a vegetarian menu option for patrons who don’t eat meat. The menu launched today on the company’s mobile-ordering app

The 13 American Vegetarian Association-certified items include a 7-Layer Burrito and a Cantina Power Veggie Bowl and a Cantina Power Veggie Burrito. It also includes an Egg & Cheese Biscuit Taco for breakfast lovers.

In conjunction with the menu, Taco Bell’s mobile app allows for complete customization of vegetarian menu options.


Fast Food

KFC Now Has Chicken And Rice Bowls You Can Fill Up On


Kentucky Fried Chicken has been known to dabble in the ridiculous. Between the Double Down and the international Double Down Dog, patrons can expect to get something pretty greasy when ordering from KFC menus.

It looks like they’re taking a turn to the slightly healthier side. Slightly.

The fried chicken chain is offering two new Chicken and Rice Bowls to its menu. The bowls will be available in two variants: Zesty Tex Mex and Sweet ‘n Spicy BBQ. The Zesty Tex Mex will feature crispy chicken, pico de gallo, green onions and cheese on top of a bowl of rice. The Sweet ‘n Spicy BBQ will boast honey BBQ chicken, green onions and cheese with the rice bowl.

While the Zesty Tex Mex looks to be made with fried chicken, the Honey BBQ appears to be a healthier grilled option.  Customers can get the bowls individually or as a “Fill Ups” (cookie and drink combo) for $5.


Meet The 23-Year Old Who Is Revolutionizing How People Eat Poke

Julian Fukue introduced the concept of poke to a completely new audience this past year. The 23-year-old chef hails from Orange County, CA, where his famous PokiNometry restaurant is based from. Fukue brought the Hawaiian dish of ahi tuna into the mainstream with his innovative Poke Bowls. The tuna and rice bowls are what made Fukue arguably one of the youngest entrepernuers in the OC poke industry.

When the humble poke-themed restaurant opened, Fukue set a goal for himself of 100 bowls sold each day.  In the weeks to come, however, the bowls began selling like mad. Thanks to word-of-mouth, PokiNometry became instantaneously famous and began selling around 800-1,000 bowls a day.


Fukue came from a restaurant background. When he was a kid, his mother purchased Tustin-based Tommy’s Sushi. There, Fukue learned the ins and outs of the restaurant game starting from the bottom as a dishwasher and working his way up to sushi chef. One dish, in particular, stood out for him: the Poke Bowls.


The concept of the PokiNometry is similar to Chipotle, where customers would line up and assemble their bowls in a customizable fashion. The quick-service restaurant eventually became so busy that Fukue had to close the restaurant down in order to restock and train more employees. He reopened weeks later.

Fukue is set to open a second location of PokiNometry in Hollywood.

Thx OC Weekly


What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Bowls Of Lukewarm Water


Buzzfeed community member Dannnnnnnnnnnny imagined Disney Princesses as lukewarm bowls of water. And with that, the Disney Princess mash up shtick has officially jumped the shark.

Okay, if we’re being honest with ourselves, that happened a long time ago (see: Disney Princesses as slothsDisney Princesses as Miley Cyrus, or Disney Princesses as a pile of rocks, for starters). But since when are we being honest with ourselves? Let me stay in my comfortable world of delusion!











Written by Brittany High, via BuzzFeed