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This Marshmallow Factory Wonderland Has A Secret Menu Marshmallow Pancake Stack

When I was a kid, my favorite segment of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood was where he would take us inside factories and show us how different foods were made. I could sit in my grandparents’ living room for hours watching how foods like macaroni and fortune cookies were created in bulk.

Working around food all these years later, I’ve had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of many factories and see how different dishes and items come into existence. One of the most memorable experiences in that vein was from Plush Puffs, an artisanal marshmallow shop located in Burbank, CA.

We were treated to essentially an intimate How Stuff Is Made segment from our childhood, the only difference being that we actually got to try marshmallows fresh from the line. Phenomenal, really.

The confection store offers a variety of desserts, beverages, and customizable s’mores bowls that you can build yourself by however your sweet tooth deems fit. It truly was a marshmallow wonderland, with a vast selection of handcrafted marshmallows boasting over a dozen flavors.

Plush Puffs also features a secret menu item that layers golden, fluffy pancakes with toasted, pillowy maple bacon marshmallows. The result is a veritable lasagna of texture and smokiness, drenched in maple syrup.

For breakfast lovers with an affinity for marshmallow and bacon, this was a breakthrough in morning innovation. Make sure to order some hot cocoa when you visit, the pairing of hot chocolate and marshmallows are as iconic as peanut butter and jelly.


Olive Garden Filled This ‘Pizza Bowl’ With Cheese And Meatballs

It seems with each limited time item they bring out, Olive Garden’s menu gets crazier and crazier. Case in point, Pasta Nachos.

Just when we thought the casual Italian-American restaurant chain couldn’t top such an unorthodox item, they come out with a pizza bowl.

As part of their Lunch Duo special, Olive Garden has introduced a new Meatball Pizza Bowl diners can try to conquer during their lunch break.

The Meat Ball Pizza bowl begins as a simple crust made of pizza dough that’s then molded into a vessel for the saucy, meaty goodness that awaited us. Through a savory, transformative process, the bowl is combined with melted cheese and topped with marinara sauce and plump, picture-perfect meatballs.

Some of the Foodbeast team — stomachs roaring from a late morning start — decided to hit up the local Olive Garden to try these pizza bowls out.

Here’s what they had to say:


Just when you thought pizza couldn’t get any better, Olive Garden pressed the elevator button to rooftop and took things up multiple levels with this pizza bowl. That, and it was a pang pang in my mouth.


It was a cheese lover’s paradise. As a cheese lover myself, I was amazed by how much melted cheese was in that bowl.


It was good enough to make me actually want to go back to Olive Garden.

The Pizza Bowl is available at participating Olive Garden locations nationwide.

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Sweetfin’s Collaboration With BØRNS Yields A Poke Bowl Masterpiece

Surely good food and dope music are a winning recipe for a fantastic dining experience. So what better result could one get than when a musical artist and renowned chef form a masterful collaboration?

In a partnership with popular singer and songwriter BØRNS, Sweetfin Poke has created an exclusive poke bowl that’s truly a work of art.

The Blue Madonna, named after BØRNS’ new album, was created by Sweetfin’s own chef Dakota Weiss. Chef Weiss’ creation features a medley of unique ingredients such as golden beets, Green Dragon apples, forbidden rice, golden edamame shoots, and a Forest Berry Anise Ponzu sauce designed to complement the albacore. As a garnish, Chef Weiss adds blue Borage blossom and tops the bowl with a curry toasted almond for some heat.

Kind of makes sense why they’re describing it as something from “the garden of Eden.”

Launching Monday, Jan. 15, the Blue Madonna Bowl will be available at all Los Angeles Sweetfin locations through Feb. 28.

Visually and conceptually, this a masterpiece.

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This Ube Churro Bowl Will Have You Eating Ice Cream In Style

While ube has been around forever, we’ve yet to see the mashed purple yam take on such a form as this Ube Churro Bowl. Yet no frontier will go undiscovered when it comes to food, and this sweet purple dessert is a shining example of that.

Nitrolado, a nitrogen-based ice cream parlor in Garden Grove, CA, has created a dessert that oozes ube.

How did they pull this Ube Churro Bowl off?

The dessert shop create a customized ube-flavored churro bowl that’s molded using cupcake tins and plopped into the deep fryer. As the churro is plunged into a pool of white-hot oil, Nitrolado mixes together an ube-flavored sugar that’s ready to coat the deep-fried novelty dish. Once it cools a bit, the bowl is ready to meet a scoop (or two) of ube-flavored ice cream. The three ube components come together like a sweet miniature purple Megazord.

Photo: Peter Pham

As far as toppings go, Nitrolado typically serves this popular dessert with pieces of mochi. However, you can pretty much have it with any of the toppings the store offers. Fruity Pebbles, for example, adds a nice vibrance to the all-purple canvas.

You can find this Ube Churro Bowl at Nitrolado tucked away in Orange County. As with all other specialty ice cream dishes we write about, make sure to get your Instagram photos taken quickly. Everyone should be able to enjoy their ice cream before it melts.

Photo: Peter Pham
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Juice It Up! Is Giving Away FREE Acai Bowls, Here’s How To Get Some

Juice It Up! is about to make the dreams of 84 people come true! Throughout the month of May, 84 lucky fans will receive a free Acai Bowl from Juice It Up! every day for 30 days.

Juice It Up!’s giveaway bonanza comes on the heels of Acai Awareness Month, a period that I’m sure nobody knew existed. To be honest, I’ve never really payed much mind to acai, other than the fact that I know it’s good and I enjoy it, so I guess I am partly to blame for the need for an Acai Awareness Month. Regardless, 2,520 free acai bowls are going to find their way into 84 happy people’s bellies.

Acai is packed to the brim with nutrients and antioxidants your body loves, on top of being  hence why the superfruit is so popular both amongst both refined palates and health nuts alike.

Slack for iOS Upload-2.png

The promotion comes in the form of a photograph contest on Instagram, with 84 people being chosen as the winners. All you have to do is go to a Juice It Up! location any day in April, purchase one of their two Acai Bowls, follow @JuiceItUp and @Sambazon (the acai provider and partner to Juice It Up!) on Instagram, then post a picture of your bowl. That’s it! Once you post it, you’ll be officially entered for the chance to be one of the lucky winners.

Slack for iOS Upload-3

Remember to post your picture in April, because the winners will be notified on May 1, then they will receive their free bowls for 30 days from May 2-31. Unfortunately only 83 people will get lucky, because I thoroughly intend to be one of the winners. Best of luck to you all!

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McDonald’s Introduces Two New Breakfast Bowls And Chobani Greek Yogurt

McDonald’s has always been a burger joint, ever since its inception in 1955, and rarely do people see it as anything else.

Still, with the demand for food constantly changing and currently gravitating towards generally healthier options, McDonald’s continues to try and find ways to keep up, or at least get one foot in the door. That foot may be their new Breakfast Bowls and Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt.

The two bowls being released are the Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl and the Chorizo Breakfast bowl.

The Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl (and the healthier option of the two) will have kale, spinach, bruschetta, small slices of parmesan cheese, turkey sausage and egg whites.

The Chorizo Breakfast Bowl will have a more Tex-Mex feel too it, and will be made with chorizo (a spicy Spanish pork sausage), hash browns, scrambled eggs, shredded Jack and cheddar cheese, then topped off with some pico de gallo. The Chorizo bowl also comes with red sauce on the side.

McDonald’s will also begin using Chobani Non-Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt in their yogurt-based dishes, namely the Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait and the McCafe Smoothies. The switch from low-fat yogurt to non-fat yogurt is a small one, but could make a big enough difference for many customers.



Photo Credit: OC Register, CNN

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Video

TJ Miller And The Shock Top Wedge Blast Super Bowl Commercials [WATCH]

TJ Miller, the cutthroat comic relief star of Silicon Valley, made an appearance during one of the Super Bowl commercials in which he and the Shock Top wedge (with the sunglasses and mohawk) mercilessly mocked each other.

Today, the duo has released a video of themselves watching all the biggest super bowl ads (including their own) and judging them with the brutality and veracity of the Harvard Admissions Board.

What makes the video particularly hysterical is the semi-improvisation. Aside from a few of the more obvious remarks, many of the comments made by the orange-and-comedian duo were not prepared or rehearsed ahead of time, unlike their original 30-second ad. That dash of unpredictability is what makes this video particularly funny.

Check it out below and see if you agree with their assessments of the Super Bowl commercials.

Seriously though, I’d rather live in a giant fart bubble made by walruses than watch that puppymonkeybaby commercial ever again. For shame, Mountain Dew; for shame.


Photo Credit: Youtube, Super Bowl Commercials 2016


This Sneaky Sashimi Bowl Is Actually A Cake In Disguise


There’s nothing comparable to a good bowl of sashimi over rice. The Japanese dish of raw fish has become a popular staple for those looking for something light and fresh, that isn’t rolled in seaweed. However, the next time you order a bowl of your favorite tuna cut, you might want to double check before biting into it. It could just be a cake pretending.

A local bakery in Shinjuku, Japan, is known for their impressive cake models. The bakery uses popular Japanese dishes as a template for their cakes. Honestly, you couldn’t tell them apart by looking.

Take this sashimi bowl, for example.


Made with different pastry components, the cake is layered with candy colored ingredients to create the illusion of a well-stacked bowl of sashimi. This includes cucumbers, shredded seaweed and even a garnish of lettuce .

However, it’s all sweets.


Under the layer of fanciful Japanese condiments, one will discover nothing more than mousse below the surface. The tuna is made from a red gelatin that’s carefully sliced. The seaweed and cucumbers are black and white chocolates, respectively. Even the rice is made from a colored mousse.


Ah, you just gotta love Japan.