Boston Market Offers Succulent Baby Back Rib Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

Any meatlovers out there struggling to find something succulent and finger-licking this Valentine’s Day for their soulmates? Look no further. Really.

In the spirit of the commercial holiday, Boston Market locations are offering a bouquet of Baby Back Ribs to all the romantics out there for a limited time.

Only available on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, the one dozen tender ribs celebrate the addition of the menu meat option on the restaurant chain’s menu. Cooked to the point where they’ll fall off the bone, the ribs are smothered in Sweet Baby Ray’s famous hickory barbecue sauce.

Those interested, be sure to camp out at your local Boston Market location, because chances are these ribs will fly off the steamers once doors open. You can find the BAE-by Back Rib Bouquet available in all Boston Market restaurants nationwide Feb. 14 for $29.99. Wonder if I can make a special request for a meatloaf bouquet ahead of next year’s holiday?

Fast Food Sweets

For Mother’s Day, Tim Hortons Is Selling Donut Hole Bouquets For Moms

Mother’s Day is less than a week away and you’re gonna want to get your mom something sweet to show you care. Because flowers have been done to death, why not get her something a little more creative? Something she can enjoy with her morning cup of coffee.

Donut and coffee chain Tim Hortons created a bouquet out of their popular Timbits (donut holes), in honor of Mother’s Day.

The bouquet features a variety of 24 Timbits ranging from chocolate, glazed, sprinkled, and other flavors thrown on long-stemmed skewers and packaged with decorative paper in a Mother’s Day-themed box.

A perfect last-minute gift for anyone in a pinch.

You can find the Timbits Bouquet at participating Tim Hortons locations in the United States and Canada for $7.99. They will only be available on Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 14.


This Wine Bottle’s Clever Label Turns into a Bouquet of Flowers

Flower Wine Bottle

You want to woo your significant other, but money is tight, huh? This presents quite the debacle: Do you give your better half beautiful flowers OR a bottle of wine? Fret not, there’s a way to combine booze and blossoms into one.

A’Design Award & Competition recently called upon designers to compete in a variety of categories, from housewares and furniture to architecture and apparel. Out of 12,000 entries, one of the most outstanding submissions was this clever wine packaging that, when held upside down, looks like a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Made for Stella Wines, this Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine is a genius 2-for-1 deal, guaranteeing satisfaction from flower lovers and vino fans alike.

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