Carnival Cruise Plans To Stop Booze Smuggling By Banning Carry-On Bottles


Carnival Cruise Line has announced that they’re banning customers from bringing carry-on beverage bottles onto their cruise liners. This is in an effort to minimize guests sneaking alcohol onto the ship disguised as water.

Bottles must now be in unopened cans or cartons and can not exceed a 12-pack. This means passengers can no longer bring carry-on bottles. Even cooler sizes have been limited for fear of sneaking drinks. So far, the only exception is a single bottle of fine wine or champagne.

According to Carnival Cruise Line, bottled drinks are a major way for guests to sneak booze onto the cruise. Carnival states that instances of bad behavior during the cruise is usually traced back to alcohol smuggled onto the line. While it definitely makes it harder for folks to get drunk on the cheap, it understandable creates a safer and overall better guest experience.

The ban will be in effect starting July 9. To ease things for guests who actually bring water on board, Carnival has lowered the price of water bottles.

Because cheap booze doesn’t look like it’ll be an option anymore, check out some all of the foods  you can get at Carnival Cruise.

Seriously, it’s a lot.


3D Printer Creates iPhone Cases Out of Recyled Bottles


You can now 3D print an iPhone case using bottles from soft drinks, water and juices. Most 3D printing is done with plastic materials, and now there is an environmentally-friendly alternative that still makes cool products such as iPhone cases, toys and even shoes.

3DSystems, who claims to be bringing “high school shop class to the 21st century,” using ekocycle cartridges made in part from recycled 20 oz plastic containers.

As told through the fruitful words of, who’s actually chief creative officer of 3DSystems in collab with Coca-Cola, plastic bottles create hundreds of millions of tons of waste a year, so they plan to turn that waste into something productive.

The only available colors at the moment are red, white and black. Hopefully can team up with with those guys printing Nutella too.

H/T Design Boom


How to Turn Beer Bottles into Glass Cups


If you’re just out of college and living on your own, you might find yourself in a predicament that could drive you slowly insane. Should you be spending your money on responsible adult things like cups? Or should you spend all your money on beer? Well, what if I told you don’t you have to choose any more? Thanks to this handy guide, you can turn your glass beer bottles into all the cups you’ll ever need.

Check out the quick breakdown and video tutorial below:

Step 1: Noose It

Tie a string around the bottle you wish to turn into a cup. Make sure the bottle is thick and made of glass.

Step 2: Gas It 

Once the string is tied and knotted, take it off the bottle and soak it in lighter fluid.

Step 3: Burn It

After reapplying the string to the bottle, turn the bottle horizontally and light it on fire while turning the bottle slowly. This is to make sure the flame has an even distribution around the bottle.

Step 4: Wash it

After a few seconds you should start to hear it cracking, when this happens pour cold water onto the bottle and watch as the top falls off.

Step 5: Sand it

Once the top of the bottle has fallen off, you’ll want to use sandpaper and smooth that bottle out.

Step 6: Enjoy It

And there you go. Your broke self now has a way to officially get around buying cups.


Vintage Soda Bottle Set

Looking for a way to get that extra touch of urban retro “radness” you might be missing from that particular spot in your house, apartment or hipster cardboard box you proudly live in on a bi-weekly basis (I don’t get that last jab either)? Regardless of the location you might use these in, you’ll get a set of 5, with each measuring approximately 2.5″ in diameter and 9.75″ high. The classic soda bottle shape and imprinted graphics are in tact, and can be used to add to your collection of vintage knick-knacks, as a vase or simple decoration throughout the house. If anyone could sell used bottles, it’s Urban Outfitters. ($19.00 @ Urban Outfitters)


Bamboo Bottle

We’ve all heard the warnings about drinking from those plastic bottles after they’ve been in the sun due to those leaked chemical contaminants, but I’ve always felt all the long-term bottle alternatives were a wee bit boring! This time around, we are looking at a safe and stylish bottle made from a rather inexhaustible resource of bamboo and glass. The bottle is strong from the bamboo, the glass guarantees safe and clean drinking at all temperatures and makes a fitting container for ice-cold water or steaming-hot tea. A BPA-free bottle made for $25. Drink on Foodbeasts! (Thx IncredibleThings)