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Sweet Leaf Recalls 1.5 Million Tea Bottles After Glass Fragments Reported


Sweet Leaf Tea is issuing a voluntary recall of 1.5 million of their bottles after a filling incident that involved glass breaking. The bottles could potentially contain broken glass that could lead to consumers cutting themselves and ingesting glass, CNN Money reports.

The six flavors of teas that were distributed between Feb. 25 through Dec. 6 of this year are all being recalled. Specifically, it’s the bottles of Sweet Leaf that are made of glass. Not plastic. The flavors are original, green tea with citrus, peach, half and half lemonade, raspberry and mint and honey.

While there have been no injuries, the company received four complaints of glass discovered in the product.

The company released the manufacture codes and dates of all the drinks being recalled. If you bought a glass bottle of Sweet Leaf that matches any of those numbers, don’t drink it. You can call Sweet Leaf for a replacement or return it to the store you bought it from for a full refund.

SLT-Recall-Codes-01 SLT-Recall-Codes-02


The Surprising Origin Story Of The Iconic Coca-Cola Bottle


More than 100 years ago, the first bottle of Coca-Cola was created. At the time, soda companies all had similar bottle designs and the beverage company wanted to find a way to stand out from its competitors. Coke announced that they would be holding a competition for anyone who could create a distinct bottle that would be recognized by all, Quartz reports.


The winning design came from a team from the Root Glass Company, based in Indiana. Quartz spoke to Coca-Cola’s director of heritage communications who says that the group drew inspiration from a cocoa pod with “an elongated shape and distinct ribs.”

Legend has it, they went to the library trying to learn more about the word coca. Instead, they found cocoa and decided to just have fun with the concept. While the designers knew they beverage had nothing to do with cocoa, they thought the cocoa pod was interesting enough to base their designs of the, now iconic, contour bottle off of.

The bottle won the team $500 ($11,700 after adjusted for inflation). The rest is history.

Photo: Facebook + The National Archives


This Escaped Monkey Does Not Care About Your Bills, Will Eat All Your Mail

After a long day at work, all you probably want to do is go home, kick off your shoes and relax. What if, however, you came home and found a monkey going through your mail like a Vegas buffet?

The Town Talk reports that a Florida monkey escaped from its owner’s home in Sanford. Upon his freedom, Zeke the Monkey decided he was hungry and went straight for the nearest supply of food: the neighbors’ mail.


Yep, when Sanford police arrived at the scene, they discovered Zeke sitting atop of a mailbox chowing down on mail.

As a distraction, probably because mortgages and bills are depressingly dry, the officers gave Zeke a bottle of water to drink from.


When the officers tried to catch him, however, Zeke jumped onto the squad car and pulled some molding off the roof of the vehicle. Sounds like a pretty fun afternoon for the Sanford P.D.

The monkey was finally apprehended when the owner returned home.

Photo: Sanford Police Department


This Major Water Bottle Supplier Is Completely Ignoring The Drought And California Is PISSED


Earlier this year, it was discovered that major Starbucks water brand Ethos Water was taking its water from California’s already drained water supply. The state has been suffering through a massive drought and asked the supplier, Sugar Pine Spring Water, to knock it off.

Knock it off they did not, reports Mother Jones.

Though Starbucks promised to switch suppliers, Sugar Pine allegedly continued to take water from the state.

It was revealed that 99 Sugar Pine tanker trucks were caught through surveillance footage taking water from pipes that connect to the Tuolumne River watershed and the Don Pedro Reservoir. The two sources of water are relied upon heavily by San Franciscans and local farmers.

California has issued a cease-and-desist towards Sugar Pine.

When the Californian drought was first declared an emergency 19 months ago, Sugar Pine was asked to stop filling their bottles with the state’s water.

They did not.

Now, with a combination of nonexistent rain and record-high temperatures, California is in desperate need of fresh water.

If Sugar Pines doesn’t cooperate, the Water Resources Control Board will begin to issue fines. However, the Division of Water Rights feels that Sugar Pines should get a $224,875 fine for ignoring the original request last year.

On a much-related note, some rain would be awesome.


SoBe Lifewater Adds Creepy Message To New Bottle Caps


Like a fair amount of beverage companies, SoBe Lifewater is known for putting messages in its bottle caps. Between phrases like “That’s what she said” and “Now a nugget,” the brand is usually goes for the cheap quick laugh.

It looks like the marketing department for SoBe is taking a dark and melancholic approach. The new bottle caps feature new and slightly disturbing message:



Now it’s definitely on purpose, however, SoBe patrons took to Twitter to express their concerns over the message. Turns out joking about someone being trapped in a factory just isn’t as funny as they initially thought.

The company has since apologized for the message.


E. Coli Contamination Forced This Major Brand To Recall Its Water Bottles


Niagara Bottling Company announced that they are issuing voluntary recall of water bottles due to a possible E. coli contamination.

ABC News reports that one of Niagara’s spring sources has a “positive indication” of E. coli. According to the company, this means that the water is contaminated with either human or animal waste. Since Niagara wasn’t notified in time by the spring source, they are recalling water products made in two Pennsylvania facilities: Hamburg and Allentown.

The water bottles are sold under 14 store brands: Acadia, Acme, Big Y, Best Yet, 7-11, Niagara, Nature’s Place, Pricerite, Superchill, Morning Fresh, Shaw’s, Shoprite, Western Beef Blue and Wegman’s.

E. coli contamination can lead to diarrhea, nausea, headaches and cramps. Those with weaker immune system (infants, children, seniors) may face a higher risk.

Consumers are asked to keep an eye out for product codes beginning in F (Hamburg) and A (Allentown) with “Best By” dates of Dec. 8, 2016 through Dec. 16, 2016. They’re advised to either throw out the bottles or return them to the stores for a full refund. If they plan on drinking the water, however, Niagara advises that the water be boiled for a full minute and allowed to cool before drinking.

So far, no injuries or illnesses have been reported.

Photo: Niagara Bottling



These Sexy Panties Are Exclusive Only To Water Bottles


It’s crazy how often one sees a completely naked bottle of water out in public. Luckily, Japans is offering a solution.

Novelty producer Kitan Club created a unique line of underwear designed specifically for water bottles. The panties are made variety of different designs including stripes, polka dots, leopard skin, strawberries and plain.

For those that think this is simply another useless novelty, the panties actually act as glorified coasters. They’re able to absorb beads of water as the cold bottles begin to moisten and prevents tables from getting ruined.

Available online, the panties can be purchased for 200 yen ($1.60 US) through the club. Unfortunately, you can only get them for 500ml bottles.



These Baby Beer Bottles Will Let Tykes Kick Back Their Favorite Formula


Hey look, baby booze. Well, sort of.

Fred’s Chill, Baby Li’l Lager is releasing a bottle that is sure to put one’s parenting skills in question. The beer-inspired baby bottle guarantees quite a few double-takes as your toddler takes to chugging his favorite drink in public.

While it’s not really filled with beer, the BPA-free container can hold up to 10 fluid ounces of your tyke’s favorite baby formula. It’s also made with a phthalate-free plastic and a food-grade silicone nipple. The bottle is easy to take apart for cleaning for those worried about investing in a one-time-use novelty item.

If we had kids, we’d definitely make the most of this bottle. Either until the joke gets old or the kid. Whichever comes first.

Arriving at Fred’s and Friends for $12.