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Crazy Australian Teaches A Crab To Open His Beer Bottle [WATCH]

There are several slick ways to open a beer bottle if a proper opener isn’t present, but this might be one of the craziest.

An Australian man posted a Snapchat video of himself using the claw of a living, moving crab to open his bottle. He had quite a bit of faith that the crab would reach for the bottle and not try to snap off one of his fingers, and it worked out somehow.

The video shows the crab clawing at the cap, and using its crab strength to rip it right off.

If you don’t have a crab lying around to open your beer, you can use the old school bottle-opening tooth implant and freak out people just as much.

Anything to pull off that awesome bar trick and have the ladies swooning.


11 Adorable Food Gadgets That Your Valentine Will Love

There’s officially less than a week before Valentine’s Day, which means you probably still need to buy a gift, make reservations, and maybe even find a Valentine. So, in order to help you through this process, this gift guide should assist in finding something truly unique that will stand out more than some cheap candy — and will probably taste better too.

This year, instead of relying solely on the florist or a gourmet chocolatier — find something that will capture the essence of love, while also serving a physical purpose. For those of us caught up in the Valentine’s Day gift struggle to swoon your favorite foodie, these easy to find, food-centric gift ideas won’t break the bank, and will show Bae how much you care.

Covered X & O Silicone Ice Cube Tray 

11154500_Covered Silicone Ice Cube Tray -XO's

Looking for a cute and classy way to tell your lover, you want to XOXO them all over? Using this awesome ice tray from Bed Bath and Beyond, might be the easiest way. As they say, love is in the air on Valentine’s Day — and now it will be in your drink! $12.99, online only. 

Heart-Shaped Measuring Cups

Heartshaped Measuring cups

Although these heart-shaped measuring cups won’t hold flowers, they’ll definitely hold flour. These romantic, yet functional kitchen utensils are the perfect gift for the adorable baker or chef in your life. This is also the next best way to tell your sweetheart that you’re in love with their cooking.

Food-Themed Enamel Pins 

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 8.31.45 PM

Do you love pizza more than your Valentine, but can’t admit it? That’s okay because these adorable enamel pins by The Sleepy Mountain will be the best way show them what’s most important. $10

Peas in a Pod Salt and Pepper Shaker 

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 6.52.54 PM

The genius minds who create the adorable things at Smoko Inc. usually have the perfect gift for any occasion. While some Valentine’s Day gifts might seem a bit cheesy, Smoko’s Peas in a Pod Salt & Pepper Shaker will always remind your Valentine of the special bond you share — and will help make every meal just a bit more delicious. $19.99

Adorable Emoji Portable Chargers

Is your darling always complaining about their phone dying? WattzUp Power is the portable problem solver. Right now, they have super cute designs, like the Smitten Kitten emoji that are purrfect for Valentine’s Day.  But, wait — how is this related to food? Think about it, now you’ll never have to worry about your battery dying if you have to call for some delivery.  $39.99

An Awesome Nacho Cookbook

Kristen KishNachosinaBag
We all know that nachos are awesome. What’s even better is a whole cookbook on nacho recipes can that easily be recreated for any occasion  — you know, not just one time on a certain night in February — hint, hint. But, that should at least give you some ideas. ¡Buenos Nachos! by Gina Hamadey, $25

Can You Feel My Love Buzz?

You're Intoxicating
Let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks on Valentine’s Day, but what about after? Your lover will always crack a smile every time he or she reaches to crack open a bottle. $22.00, 

Food Grade Coconut Bath Soak 

CoconutMilk_BathSoakBesides food, the next best thing about Valentine’s Day is getting pampered. Herbivore’s food grade coconut milk bath soak combines the best of both! $18.00

Chocolate Melting Pot

Chocolate melt
Chocolate dipped strawberries are super delicious, but it’s been done over and over again. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a box of week old strawberries, you can show your Valentine how resourceful and creative you are when you bust out this chocolate melting pot and create some chocolate dipped treats of your own. $17.99

Heart-Shaped Tea Infuser

Heart Shaped Tea InfuserValentine’s Day is only one day a year, so why spend money on something that’s just going to get thrown out in a week. This heart-shaped tea infuser will allow your favorite tea lover to feel the warmth of your love while brewing cup after cup of delicious homemade tea. $6.21

Cooking Set with Valentine’s Day Recipe E-book

Vday Cooking set
This might be the best thing on this list. Before you spend your life savings on an overpriced steak dinner, it might be easier — and less expensive — to learn how to cook for once in your life. This cooking set comes with two e-books, one specifically for Valentine’s Day recipes. $17.48


INTOXICATE! This Sonic Screwdriver Bottle Opener is Perfect for the Boozy Time Lord in Your Life

sonic screwdriver bottle opener_1

In the words of a drunk Dalek: INTOXICATE! The perfect prop for your Comic Con cosplay this year, this Sonic Screwdriver is a pretty impressive replica of the Doctor’s handy-dandy tool. Bonus, it’s practical! Just pop off the bottom to find a bottle opener. Sadly it doesn’t make the signature sonic sound whovian’s know and love but who cares, it opens beers. Basically, this is one of the nerdiest ways you can get plastered.

We’re not responsible if you end up wibbly-wobbly wasted running around your house obnoxiously singing the opening theme. Ooooooweeeeoooohhh!

Sonic Screwdriver Bottle Opener, £13.99/$23.99 @ Forbidden Planet

H/T + PicThx That’s Nerdalicious


‘Brew Cutlery’ Beer Nerd Utensils Come with Built-In Bottle Openers


Turns out, yes, there is a multifunctional utensil that’s even more ingenious than the spork.

From San Diego inventors Kevin Newburg and Stephen Grinalds comes Brew Cutlery, a set of stainless steel forks, spoons, and knives designed with bottle opener hinges built right into the handles. Simple and entirely gastropub-friendly, the utensils have been spot-tested on “thousands” of beers to provide maximum leverage, and should be available for sale by June 2014, pending a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Of course, with 36 days to go and less than $3,000 away from their pledge goal, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing these at Ikea in no time.


Brew Cutlery 3-Piece Set: $18 – 25 @ Kickstarter


Men’s Button-Ups Designed for Opening Twist-Off Beers


So you’re at a party and your coordination’s a little . . . off. Your normally work-beaten hands are suddenly weak and clammy and no matter how much you scrunch your face, you just can’t . . . seem  . . . to open . . .  this damn . . . beer bottle. Normally you’d have to concede, ask someone else to open it, or pretend you didn’t even really want beer in the first place. But now, there’s a shirt for that.

The folks at bougie men’s clothing company Criquet have designed a whole line of shirts meant to get you through the toughest of times, with a reinforced shirt lining that prevents you from completely trashing the fabric of your button-up whilst twisting open beer bottles. Not typically newsworthy, except that they advertise it as being the perfect twist top-opener. Sure, we’d much prefer shirts with actual built-in bottle openers (perhaps built into the button lining, though whoever can work one into a clubbing dress would be a godsend), but at least Criquet’s hearts are in the right place.

H/T + Picthx Cool Material


iPad Charger Also Works as a Beer Bottle Opener


Picthx EvaGiselle


GrOpener is the Amazing One-Handed Bottle Opener


Finally, a way to avoid that awkward situation when you’re at a party eating a pizza in one hand and holding an unopened beer bottle in the other. There’s no one in sight to help a bloke out (did I mention this isn’t really a party, you’re actually on the couch, pant-less, playing GTA5) and there’s no way you’re putting your pizza down to pry open that beer with the average bottle opener.

Luckily, you’ve got your GrOpener (short for “Grab Opener”) on deck — the cleverest of bottle openers designed for one-handed use. This unique tool uses the force of grabbing a bottle to also remove the cap in one fell swoop. A magnet on the GrOpener’s underside grabs the cap, preventing it from skyrocketing to the back corners of your couch. However, the manufacturers note that “a firm grip is necessary” and do not recommend the device for those with weak handshakes.

GrOpener, $16 @gropener

Picthx gropener


The DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener Is Kind of Like a Drinking Game for Messy People

It’s late. You’re drunk. You’re vaguely aware you should probably stop drinking now, but for some reason, you’re stuck in YOLO-Land while your inner adult secretly cries over the mess he’ll have to pick up in the morning.

No more.

The DropCatch is a magnetic, wall-mounted bottle opener capable of holding between 15 and 52 tiny metal grown-up Legos – you’ll know what I mean when you step on them – with ease.

Each DropCatch is handmade out of walnut, steel and high-grade rare earth magnets and comes in either a “Junior” ($50) or “Senior” ($70) size. Best of all, the Dropcatch Kickstarter only started yesterday and has raised almost $8,000 of its $10,000 goal, which means there’s almost no way you won’t be using one of these bad boys to outdrink your uncles at Christmas.


Dropcatch Magnetic Bottle Opener: $50 – $70 @ Kickstarter

H/T + PicThx Cool Material