Oh, KALE NO: Official Super Bowl Menu Apparently Includes Kale


Who knew the official Super Bowl menu could get so swank?

While the rest of the nation’s noshing on grocery-store dip and too-dry chicken wings, football fans at MetLife Stadium will get to pick between grilled chicken hoagies, sriracha pork and chicken steam buns, and yes, a kale and chicken sausage sandwich during Sunday’s big game.

The menu, by Super Bowl chef Eric Borgia, is meant to be a “culinary love letter to New York and the Garden State,” according to the NY Post.

The boroughs “are melting pots for so many different cultures. We wanted the stadium to look, smell and taste like New York City, whether it’s street festivals or [Brooklyn’s] Smorgasburg, where all of the food trucks hang out,” Borgia said.

Kale supposedly represents Manhattan, but Borgio explains he also included the overplayed leafy green because it’s “trendy” and “good for you.”

Two phrases we wouldn’t want anywhere near our Super Bowl dinners, personally. NEEDS MOAR DIPPING SAUCE.

PicThx Joyosity